People call me Biggie Smalls because of my A-B-cup chest – I don’t wear a bra, I let the Lord hold my boobs

MANY women are becoming proud members of the no-bra club, and they even think the restrictive undergarments should be burnt.

That’s the case for one such woman who took to social media to let users know the nickname she was given due to her smaller chest.

A small-chested woman has shared that she likes to go bra-free


A small-chested woman has shared that she likes to go bra-freeCredit: TikTok/nickimarlee

“Oh yeah, you don’t need a bra ladies. Let the lord hold your t*ts ladies,” Nicki Marlee (@nickimarlee) mouthed along to the audio of a TikTok video as she removed her nude bra from underneath her shirt.

“Let the Lord hold ya t*ts LADIES!” she added in her caption.

“PTL baby… Why they call me ‘Biggie Smalls.’ Rolling with that A and B cup,” she wrote, revealing the unique name people apparently call her by.

“Amen,” someone commented on her video, fully supporting her.

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Previously, another woman who is team no bra said that people say they can see her boobs through her shirt, but she’s not sorry.

In the clip, 22-year-old Shirin A (@bby.cheekss) covered her mouth, concealing her laughter that was a result of the awkward situation.

This was paired with a sound bite of a woman screaming for added drama.

She captioned the video: “When they say they can see your boob.”

“Oh no… my boob,” she said.

“Everyone has boobs if they have a woman’s body.”

“Sorry not sorry,” she finished off unapologetically.

With a similar mindset to Shirin, one mom with DD-cup boobs has joined the no-bra club thanks to a new piece of clothing that she says is “pure sorcery.”

Meanwhile, another woman was heavily criticized for her decision to ditch her bra.

She has a unique nickname due to her smaller chest


She has a unique nickname due to her smaller chestCredit: TikTok/nickimarlee