Paris: vilified by elected officials, Anne Hidalgo accused of “hiding things” by not communicating her expense reports

While the traditional session of current affairs at the Council of Paris is being held this Thursday, March 16, Mayor Anne Hidalgo has been strongly attacked by opposition politicians who have demanded that she make public her expense reports and representation.

“What example are you giving to each citizen by thus flouting our rules of law?”, Thus launched this Thursday Aurélien Véron, elected opposition representative in Paris Center, questioning the mayor on the reasons for which she had still not presented his expense reports and representation for the year 2017, as he nevertheless demanded justice five years after the journalist Stefan de Vries initially requested it.

skirmish between the right and the majority

A question that comes as the PS mayor of Paris Anne Hidalgo indeed gave an appointment at the end of March to the journalist who won his case in court to consult his expense reports for 2017, the year in which she met many personalities and traveled a lot, before obtaining the organization of the Olympic Games of 2024.

“Any French citizen faced with this decision, and a fortiori, an elected representative of the Republic, should have prepared all the documents and published them without delay. A month later, this is still not the case”, therefore wonders the elected Changer Paris, recalling that “these documents constitute administrative documents that can be communicated to all those who request them”. “What do these notes on your entertainment costs contain?” he wonders again.

Appointed to respond to the person concerned, the first deputy mayor of Paris, Emmanuel Grégoire, replied that the decision of the Council of State was “an injunction to review and not an injunction to publication”. “And so there was an examination, a decision was taken, and the applicant – in this case the journalist Stefan de Vries – was invited to come and consult the elements”, he said, before in turn attacking Rachida Dati, leader of the Parisian opposition and president of the Changer Paris group.

“Since it is a question here of calling into question the probity of elected […] it’s my turn to ask you about the transparency of your elected officials: the president of your group, who is also the mayor of the borough, could in turn be invited to work on transparency by transmitting her declaration of interests and assets”, a- he launched, before continuing on the indictment of Rachida Dati accused in the Ghosn case of “corruption and influence peddling”.

“We are talking about a sum of 900.00 euros which would be questioned by the courts. That is to say, several decades of representation costs at one time”, dropped Emmanuel Grégoire, chaining expressions to defend Anne Hidalgo and advising elected officials of the Parisian right “to sweep in front of their door”.

The first assistant even quoted the parable of the straw and the beam from the Gospel of Saint Matthew: “When you hear the straw in your neighbor’s eye being denounced, you must beware of the beam that one has in one’s own eye”. Or again: “when you demand from others virtues that you don’t have, it’s often the occasion to be trapped”.

“What are you trying to hide?”

A response that did not please Aurélien Véron, retorting “that it is not up to Anne Hidalgo to make and interpret the law, being neither legislator nor judge”. “Proposing a meeting in two weeks to Stefan de Vries is an unacceptable perseverance in illegality,” he said.

Anne Hidalgo invited Stefan de Vries to come and consult the expense reports.

And to recall that the year 2017 was the year in which the Olympic Games were awarded to Paris: “we are asking ourselves strongly, what has happened since this campaign? What do you stubbornly want to hide? There have been elections since, and many Parisians would like to know the possible links that these costs could have with the campaign of the municipal elections then those of the presidential one ”.

“What are the food costs, the invitations that you are trying to conceal? For five years, what dinners, what hotels have you paid? In short, what have you done that is so dubious that you persist in hiding the details? This lamentable disregard for the law must end at a time when many Parisians are tightening their belts and when you have increased the property tax”, he finally concluded, before hypothesizing that these expenses have could represent an embezzlement of public funds.

Written by Mark Antoine

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