Oppression of the population as curfew declared by Ambazonia Separatists takes effect in Big Babanki – Mimi Mefo Info

By Ndi Fungwe in Bamenda

The people of Big Babanki (Kedjom Keku), in Tubah subdivision, yesterday kept to the orders of the Ambazonia separatists as what is termed a ‘curfew’ has gone into effect in the village, since it was declared Saturday 20th May 2023 in the village by AMBA fighters.

The past few days have not gone well with the people of Big Babanki following the torture of women by separatist fighters after the women came out to protest against what they said was an exorbitant tax levy on every household in the village.

An action that got a violent response from the separatists led to some women being beaten and some shot in the legs as they resisted the call to stop the protest.

The situation culminated in the entry of government troops into the village which led to some villagers fleeing for their lives, especially after an Improvised Explosive Device targeting the troops was planted at Kezon quarter by the separatist fighters.

The troops are reported to have gotten to the explosive when it had already been detonated with no casualties, the separatists decided to impose what they called a ‘curfew’ explaining that it will help them better recognize their enemies.

While declaring the curfew, the fighters said, three persons are not allowed to be together, and every villager is expected to be at home before 6 pm. The fighters suspended some village institutions and banned their activities in the village. Meanwhile, the population was banned from entering the compound of any quarter head in the village.

The orders from the separatist fighters took effect last weekend Saturday, May 20th, 2023. The population has been wondering how they are going to do with their farming given that, this is time for weeding their farms and it’s by group work that the exercise is easily carried out.

Meanwhile, the Fon of Big Babanki HRH Benjamin Vutsiboung Vubangsi, who due to his job, resides in Yaounde, has issued an audio in the dialect to the Babanki people. In the audio shared in several fora, the Fon called on the Babanki people at home and abroad to remain calm.

Fon Vutsiboung regretted the fact that mothers who breastfed Babanki people are tortured by their own children.

“We are going to enter the house and talk, we will seat as Kedjom people and decides on what next. I cannot stay quiet when my mother and my wives are being beaten, I call on all sons and daughters of Kedjom not to be afraid of anything and to believe that all shall be well in the village while waiting for a final decision” his HRH Fon Benjamin Vutsiboung said.

Reacting to the Big Babanki situation, the Divisional Officer for Tubah subdivision, Matougue Massango Nacisse, has said the situation of Big Babanki was the worrisome situation and he thinks measures will be taken to ensure the safety of the people of Big Babanki.

The divisional officer for Tubah wondered how young boys could be beating their mothers, yet saying they are fighting for freedom when their own mothers cannot have freedom from them.

The people are expecting the said curfew to be lifted today Tuesday, May 23rd as a new week goes into effect in the North West region of Cameroon following lockdowns last weekend.

Written by Aloys Gautier

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