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Oise: an “antivax” summoned by the gendarmes for having broadcast Olivier Véran’s number on Twitter

After broadcasting Olivier Véran’s phone number at the end of January on social networks, Marc Doyer, manager of the Brèche cabaret in Breuil-le-Vert and “antivax” figure, was summoned to the Clermont gendarmerie, in the ‘Oise, this Friday, May 12.

Marc Doyer, manager of the Brèche cabaret in Breuil-le-Vert (Oise) and known supporter of the “antivax” movement, is summoned this Friday, May 12 to the Clermont gendarmerie after a complaint filed by the government spokesperson, Olivier Véran, accusing him of having made his telephone number public on social networks at the end of January.

“I don’t even want to cry. I have been through far more serious things than that. Olivier Véran is whining because he has lost his cell phone number. I have the impression that he will recover, ”said Marc Doyer in a video posted on Twitter.

“It was not good, I said it (…) I did not steal his cell phone. I did not use hackers. It was not Cyril Hanouna who gave it to me. I reserve this revelation that the whole world is undoubtedly waiting for, ”he added.

Accusing the Covid-19 vaccine of being the cause of the death of his wife, Mauricette, Marc Doyer quickly became a figure in the antivax movement. In January 2023, when he was initially invited to debate with the former Minister of Health Olivier Véran on the show “Face à Baba” on C8, his visit was quickly canceled.

The video deleted after 30 minutes

Disappointed, the man then broadcast on the blue bird social network the telephone number of the current government spokesperson, inviting his community to contact him directly to discuss the side effects linked to the Covid-19 vaccine. .

Reported multiple times, the video was deleted after 30 minutes. In addition, Marc Doyer’s account was suspended for twelve hours.

Despite this summons, the man allowed himself to throw a last spade at Olivier Véran. “If on occasion you could send me your new phone number because I would seriously like to have a conversation with you about the side effects of the vaccine,” he concluded.

Marc Doyer risks up to 5 years in prison and a fine of 300,000 euros.

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