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NCSoft presents its RTS Project G with a trailer – News

As the RTS genre dictates, Project G will plunge us into an all-out war where we will have to accumulate resources, defend our strongholds and conquer the lands of our marauding enemies. Beyond the fundamentals, NCSoft’s project grabs our attention with its focus on dragons, which seem to be a big part of our arsenal. Capable of spitting fire, judged on our buildings, or diving into the fray to devour the foot soldiers, the giant lizards know how to dot the i’s. In return, players will also be able to wield “Strategic Arms”, which we know very little about but which seem to confer special powers, if we understand the trailer.

General battle

NCSoft intends to rely on their great experience in the MMO sector to balance gargantuan battles. Here is what Minseok Seo, director of the project, has to say:

By building an RTS with NCSOFT’s advanced technologies, designed to host massive combat in an MMO environment, we aim to create a strategy game of a quality and scale never before seen. Our players will enjoy the epitome of strategy games through varied units and worlds unique to Project G. The raw gameplay will be as fun as it gets.

Beautiful promises that come to tackle Starcraft by the throat; Not that it takes much effort, considering Blizzard dumped the franchise’s smoldering corpse in a ditch. Anyway, even if Project G expected to be resource-intensive, it will release simultaneously on PC and mobile. To see if NCSoft will manage to equalize the experience between bikes, and, why not, establish the sacrosanct crossplay. A behind-the-scenes video will soon be put online by the publisher.

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