My Soles No Longer Slip Thanks to My Trick.

By dint of putting them on, your shoes no longer adhere.

You almost break your face at every turn.

Fortunately, I found the solution so that my soles no longer slip.

We can buy new pairs of shoes…

It’s still our old shoes that we put on every year.

Yes, these are perfect, and you’ve never found them so pretty or so comfortable.

But by dint of putting them on, the problem is that they wear out, and that is the tragedy.

They end up no longer adhering to the floor.

The soles become smooth and they slip.

And there, with a slippery soleit’s the guaranteed fall!

The trick to avoid having a shoe that slips

I will tell you my secret. This is a magical product.

If you follow our tips for saving, you know it very well.

It is transparent and liquid.

It softens your laundry, it descales your sinks, it washes your vegetables and makes your mirrors shine: white vinegar.

In all its crystalline splendor, it also prevents you from slipping on the sidewalks when you are in a bit of a hurry.

White vinegar has this other quality.

Il restores adhesion to rubbery materials and more or less soft plastics.

And it works for all shoes: sandals, sneakers, ballerinas…

How to: put white vinegar on the soles

It could not be easier.

1. I take a rag.

2. I soak it abundantly with white vinegar.

3. I pass it on my soles, everywhere, everywhere.

Result: shoes that no longer slip!

And that’s it, no more slipping shoes 🙂

Simple, practical and effective!

Your soles will stop slipping and regain their grip.

You end up with a pair of non-slip shoes without breaking the bank!

Vinegar helps create a grip on the floor.

Even if the effect is not eternal, it can be renewed as many times as necessary.

Of course, you can also use sandpaper that you rub on the soles of the shoes.

But we don’t always have it on hand.

So white vinegar comes in handy.

Savings achieved

Rather than buying a new pair of shoes, which won’t be as pretty as my old ones that I love…

Might as well try to save them.

€0.5 for a liter of white vinegar, instead of €40 for a new pair of shoes, there are no photos, are there?

I can save by not buying a new pair of shoes a year.

So, instead of spending €40 on new shoes this year, I buy €0.5 per liter of white vinegar, or €39.5 in savings per year.

And if it can save me from slipping stupidly around the corner…

Your turn…

Did you know this quality of white vinegar? Will you try? Share your impressions in the comments. We can’t wait to read you!

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Written by Mark Antoine

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