My neighbours were driving me crazy with their loud music so I took my revenge – but it’s dividing opinion

A MAN took hilarious revenge against noisy neighbours after they drove him crazy with blaring music.

The mic-ed up resident racked up millions of views as he took to TikTok to show how he tried to get even.

The TikToker blared his revenge down the street to get even with the noisy neighbours


The TikToker blared his revenge down the street to get even with the noisy neighboursCredit: TikTok

Using a loud-speaker microphone that projected down the street, the TikToker began his revenge speech by shouting back at the rowdy locals.

“Are you in pain? Are you heartbroken?” he said.

“If so – I’m open to a chat, instead of you playing your s*** music 24 friggin seven”.

He then belts out a rendition of 90’s hit ‘Nothing Compares 2 U’, as he tells his neighbours that “nothing compares” to their annoying behaviour.

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The hilarious TikTok racked up nearly half a million likes and over 2.3 million views.

Users of the social media site quickly rushed to his side, with one commenting: “I would’ve played it louder”.

“I felt the emotion in your voice when you were singing”, said another.

A third joked: “I wish you were my neighbour – I’d get hours of entertainment from you”.

But while one thoughtful TikTok fan said “please tell me they stopped”, he has since posted another update on his ongoing retaliation.

It shows the neighbours clearly didn’t get the message the first time, as he broadcasts another vengeful message down the street.

The second video shows him blaring that he has headphones for the neighbours so they can privately “listen to your shooting rubbish music through them tonight”.

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