Missing man found dead in water container seven weeks after – Mimi Mefo Info

The body of Géraldin Tigue, a young man living in Douala, was recently discovered in a water container at PK12 neighborhood, nearly two months ago since he went missing.

Family members, who have been searching for him seven weeks now, recognized his body while it was in a state of decomposition.

Reports say unidentified men kidnapped the young man on April 1 and demanded ransom from the family for his release.

But they stopped communicating with the family until the young man’s body was found.

“The family never heard from both their son and the kidnappers again… We are convinced that the kidnappers killed him and dumped his body in the water barrel,” a source disclosed.

The identity of his killers is yet unknown.

By Amina Hilda

Written by Aloys Gautier

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