Millions of iPhone owners warned to check three settings right now

IF you’ve got an iPhone then there are three settings you should definitely check.

Cyber-experts speaking to The Sun have revealed clever top tips for anyone with an Apple mobile.

Having Automatic Updates turned on is very important


Having Automatic Updates turned on is very importantCredit: Apple / The Sun

Your iPhone is packed with much of your most personal and valuable information.

It stores your private photos, can log your location, and contains your personal messages.

That’s why you need to make sure you have the best possible settings.

We spoke to cyber-expert Chris Hauk, a Consumer Privacy Advocate at Pixel Privacy, who revealed three settings that every iPhone owner should check.

Automatic Updates

“Always keep Automatic Updates turned on,” Chris told The Sun.

“This ensures your device is running the latest version of iOS, which will include fixes for any privacy or security holes that have been discovered since the previous update.

“This will become particularly important once Apple turns on “Rapid Security Response” updates, likely in iOS 16.2.

“Go to “Settings” -> “General” -> “Software Update” -> “Automatic Updates” to enable this feature.”

Safety Check

“Familiarise yourself with the “Safety Check” feature in iOS 16,” Chris explained.

“Safety Check allows users to review and reset the access they’ve granted to other users.

“Here, they can reset privacy permissions for apps and can restrict Messages and FaceTime to their device.

“This feature can be particularly handy for victims of domestic abuse.”

Lockdown Mode

“Familiarise yourself with Lockdown Mode, which can shut off several features known to be used by spyware if you think you’re the target of such an attack,” Chris warned.

“It limits who can contact you, blocks email attachments, disables link preview in messages, and disables certain web features known to be used by bad actors.

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“To enable Lockdown Mode, just go to “Settings” -> “Privacy & Security” -> “Lockdown Mode” and tap “Turn on Lockdown Mode.” A device restart is required for it to take effect.

“Follow the same directions when you want to disable Lockdown Mode.”

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