Midterm election results live updates: Where the outstanding Senate races stand

Voters spoke decisively in every state where abortion was on the ballot, erring on the side of access and rejecting anti-abortion efforts.

A referendum in Montana, which differed most from the other four states that voted singularly on abortion, would have required medical treatment for infants born alive after an attempted abortion. It included a provision that would penalize medical providers for violation, carrying a $50K fine and/or up to 20 years behind bars. It was defeated by voters in a ruby red state.

Kentucky voters also voted down a proposition that aimed to prohibit adding the right to an abortion or the right to public abortion funding to the state constitution.

California, Michigan and Vermont voters all supported propositions that would guarantee abortion rights in each state’s constitution.

Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, who framed herself as the “last line of defense” for abortion rights during her successful reelection effort, credited her state’s abortion proposition with enthusiasm at the polls that arguably helped her win.

“We know that people were very fired up at the prospect of losing a right that has been enshrined for 49 years and that drew a lot of people into this moment and we’re grateful for it,” Whitmer said Wednesday.

Michiganders also flipped the statehouse to Democrats, giving them full government control.

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-ABC News’ Averi Harper


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