Mbengwi Divisional Officer competes with separatists on the imposition of hardship on citizens – Mimi Mefo Info

By Soulemanu Buba

The Divisional Officer (DO) of Mbengwi, Ngida Lawrence Che has descended on shops sealing them after traders failed to show up at the Mbon Market.

This is coming at a time when separatist fighters have also announced that the road that has been in use since the main road to Mbengwi was blocked will not be used again from Tuesday, May 6th, 2023.

The recent sealing of shops in Mbengwi is coming not long after many shops were sealed by the said Divisional Officer plunging the population into serious hardship as the shop owners decided that they will not open in solidarity.

They were asked to open today Monday, May 5th but none of them showed up at the market, blaming insecurity.

The DO has vowed to stop the ghost towns in Mbengwi while separatists have also stood their ground that nothing will move in and out of Mbengwi.

The inhabitants of Mbengwi are now left in the middle of the two ‘warring’ factions wondering how they will cope if this persists.

Written by Aloys Gautier

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