Massive bee swarm leaves 37 people including 8 children in hospital as angry insects fly through car windows

NEARLY 40 people were treated in hospital after being attacked by a swarm of bees.

Terrified locals abandoned their cars in the middle of the street after the insects flew through car windows in moving traffic.

Drivers abandoned their cars as the swarm hit traffic in Melo, Uruguay


Drivers abandoned their cars as the swarm hit traffic in Melo, Uruguay

Some victims were stung dozens of times as they tried to flee on foot.

The swarm hit yesterday afternoon in the centre of Melo, a city in Uruguay near the border with Brazil.

Police confirmed 37 people including eight children were rushed to A&E for treatment.

Officers took many of the patients to hospital in their patrol cars as colleagues closed streets in the city centre to make sure no one else entered the danger zone.

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One of those caught up in the drama told local press: “My son ran like mad but he still got stung about 15 times.

“Many people were in a state of desperation.

“They abandoned motorbikes and cars. I had my car windows down when a swarm of bees appeared out of nowhere and came in.”

The scare has been blamed on two hives of bees said to have been kept without permission at a house near the spot where motorists and pedestrians were stung.

Beekeepers in protective suits were called in to remove the hives using poison and make the area safe.

One of the experts who helped remove them said: “People were kept away for around an hour.”

Local journalist Silvia Techera said: “I saw people running everywhere and heard lots of sirens.

“Shopkeepers were closing their doors. 

“I never imagined for one minute it was going to be down to bees. They appeared to be very angry.

“Cars, motorbikes and crash helmets had been left in the middle of the street.

“At one point the insects began to attack me as well and I sought refuge in my radio station.”

It was not immediately clear today why the bees had gone on the attack, but experts said they could have been stressed by noises like the beeping of a car horn.

Two of the children stung are understood to have kept in hospital overnight.

A severe allergic reaction to bee stings is potentially life-threatening.

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A small percentage of people stung by a bee quickly develop anaphylaxis with symptoms including swelling of the throat and tongue.

In May we told how a swarm of 15,000 bees sparked terror as they filled a residential street in just 15 minutes in Tyneside, UK.


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