Martin Lewis Show – Money saving expert reveals 12 hacks you can use to knock money off your energy bills

MARTIN Lewis has revealed the 12 hacks you can use to knock money off your energy bills.

Speaking on ITV tonight, the UK’s resident MoneySavingExpert gave his top tips on on saving cash this winter.

Martin Lewis gave some expert saving advice on his show tonight


Martin Lewis gave some expert saving advice on his show tonight

Mr Lewis explained that “focusing on energy efficiency” was the best way to get your house in order and save money.

And he revealed 12 key ways in which you can save on energy bills.

Shower head

Fit a free water savings shower head. This means less water and less heat and saves you lots of money.

One degree challenge

Martin says to take his one degree challenge in this house hold and try reducing temperature from 21 to 20C.

This could save 10% on heating bill, with 18C fine for healthy adults according to the WHO.

Trying to reduce even one degree will save on your heating bill so don’t turn your thermostat up when you are cold.

Tactical Curtains

Use tactical and fleece lined curtains – when the sun is shining its letting light and heat into the house, when its dark its not, keep the heat it and close the curtains – do this regularly

Boiler challenge –  how to turn down the flow rate on combi boilers, want it to be around 60c but most peoples are set higher which is inefficient and wastes heat

Turning it down doesn’t affect heat of house and water temperature.

Fridge check

Check your fridge – 5C, -18 C for freezer, if its colder you are wasting too much money.

Bathroom water

Lower your hot water temperature from your bathroom

Hot water jacket

A hot water cylinder jacket on your boiler helps save money and cuts costs easily.

Central heating

Don’t be afraid to touch your knob – turn our central heating on even in rooms we don’t use, make sure its off

Only want radiators on in the rooms you’re using- easy hack that we don’t all use

Reflective radiators

Reflective panels on radiators

Cut down TV usage

Tv four hours a day on average – put it on low energy setting to save money

Draught detective

Find draughts and block them, clingfilm on windows when its get really cold.

Tumble dryers

Tumble dryers are a £1 a load, stop using and save

Good for environment, good for energy security, and help energy efficiency

It comes as Lewis said that thousands could boost their savings by making a simple switch.

He revealed how “most” people are on average easy savings accounts but by “ditching and switching” to a more competitive one they could earn far more.

He showed viewers and audience members a graph of different savings accounts and what the interest rates might be on each one.

Lewis added that fixed-rate savings accounts, where customers can’t access the money until the end of a fixed period, were significantly higher than the top easy-access accounts.

This is because their interest rates are tied to gilts, which have risen since the government’s disastrous min-budget last month.

The personal finance guru has previously revealed how some households may be able to slash direct debits on energy bills this winter.

He advised struggling bill payers to take regular meter readings and use an online direct debit calculator to estimate what they should be paying based on usage.

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Martin said that the average direct debit should be double what they were last year – so if it much higher than that Lewis urged viewers to “politely” call their energy companies to query it.

He added that if the company cannot justify the rise, they are bound by its license to reduce it.


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