Marion Rousse, the sensational adoption

Now less than two months from the start of the women’s Tour de France, Marion Rousse once again underlined the enthusiasm triggered by the first edition of this women’s Grande Boucle, last summer.

Marion Rousse and her teams have won their bet. A single edition of the Women’s Tour de France will indeed have been enough to make it unmissable. Relaunched last summer, the Women’s Grande Boucle was a great success and the second edition which will take place from July 23 to 30 between Clermont-Ferrand and Pau looks just as promising. Present in the Lot, where the 6th stage will take place, Marion Rousse returned to the success of the Women’s Tour.

“It’s true that for the first edition, sportingly speaking, I wasn’t very worried because I knew we were going to see a great show. Afterwards, we didn’t know the public’s enthusiasm, we didn’t know if it was going to get audiences. We did not know if people were going to move on the side of the roads. And it was a real success.” she confided in comments relayed by France Bleu, adding: “We interfered with people during their holidays, we got adopted, and the public especially saw that the girls had nothing to envy on a bike next to the boys. »

It’s part of the magic of the Tour

According to the director of this Tour de France women, the recipe is proven, the women’s race can rely on the success of the Tour. “We want to take up the main lines of the Tour. What makes it the most beautiful race in the world from a sporting point of view, but also everything around it, she explained. The caravan also exists on the Tour de France Women. It is an open-air show and remains free. We come in pairs, 15 to 20… Coming as a family also brings smiles back in a period that is still complicated for everyone. And the landscape aspect, of course, to simply discover France. »

“It’s part of the magic of the Tour de France, she added. Whether for men or women, we know that we speak to a public of insiders who come to watch the Tour for the race, but also people who want to travel, to visit France because we has a beautiful country. And the Lot is a magnificent region to come and visit. »

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