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Marine Le Pen in operation seduction with the bosses

For Marine Le Pen, the demonization of the National Rally also goes through the business leaders box. Among her privileged interlocutors, there is Sophie de Menthon, the media president of the employers’ movement Ethic, who had invited her to present her program in front of an audience of leaders at the very chic Cercle Interallié in Paris, on January 27, 2022. Since then, Marine Le Pen regularly calls the boss of Ethic to seek her opinion on a file or to set up meetings with bosses.

On October 17, a lunch bringing together a dozen RN deputies and a dozen business leaders was organized in the private rooms of the Fitzgerald restaurant, not far from the National Assembly. “We aim to make the business world better known to all deputies, justifies Sophie de Menthon, including those of the National Rally.” Each in their specialty, elected RNs are increasing contact with business leaders, like Franck Allisio, MP for Bouches-du-Rhône, who has just tabled a bill to combat tax and social fraud. , or Aurélien Lopez-Liguori, elected representative of Hérault in charge of the digital economy.

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