Manuel Bompard: “Popular and citizen mobilization is the solution for the withdrawal of this reform”

Guest of the Grand rendez-vous on CNEWS this Sunday, March 19, the LFI deputy for Bouches-du-Rhône, Manuel Bompard, reacted to the demonstrations on the sidelines of the government’s forced passage on the pension reform: “The popular and citizen mobilization , it is the solution for the withdrawal of this reform”.

A call to action. The deputy of rebellious France, Manuel Bompard, returned to the use of article 49.3 of the Constitution by the government to pass the pension reform. According to him, this is a forceful passage which justifies the mobilizations which are taking place almost everywhere in France, against a reform mainly rejected by the French.

“I encourage the popular and citizen mobilizations which face what happened Thursday in the National Assembly, which is a completely unacceptable coup de force”, estimated Manuel Bompard.

Legitimate mobilizations

And for good reason, since the announcement of the use of 49.3 by the government, rallies have taken place everywhere in France, and in particular in Paris where thousands of demonstrators gathered, causing some degradation and violence. If he does not condone the violence, Manuel Bompard nevertheless believes that these demonstrations are perfectly legitimate.

“These mobilizations are legitimate, because they are opposed to a reform which, I remind you, has no popular legitimacy, the polls say so, more than 70% of French people are opposed to it. This reform is met with hostility from all the trade union organizations of employees, and this reform does not even have a majority of deputies in the National Assembly to vote for it, ”detailed the LFI deputy.

Faced with this passage in force, and faced with the “denial of democracy” represented by the use of 49.3, popular and citizen demonstrations are, according to Manuel Bompard, the only way to obtain the withdrawal of the reform.

“I consider that popular and citizen mobilization is the solution to obtain the expected result: the withdrawal of this reform,” he concluded.