Manchester City punishes Liverpool

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Manchester City did not go into detail by winning very largely at home this Saturday against Liverpool (4-1, 29th day of the Premier League).

More than three months after leaving Liverpool in the knockout stages of the English League Cup (3-2), Manchester City this time dominated the Reds with the way. Despite the visitors’ opener, the Sksthereblues quickly reversed the situation to finally crush Liverpool players totally overwhelmed by events (4-1). In the Premier League standings, City are provisionally five points behind leaders Arsenal. For Jürgen Klopp and his family (6th), Europe has moved away a little further.

The meeting had however started well for the visitors who managed to stand out during the first quarter of an hour. Despite a Mancunian free kick from Riyad Mahrez sent just to the left of the frame (15th), the good dynamics of Liverpool materialized two minutes later on a counter smoothly led and concluded victoriously by Mohamed Salah (0-1, 17th). Joy on the Liverpool bench. And then curtain. Because from then on, Manchester City gradually put its head back in place and started the steamroller.

Grealish very fit

It was first of all Julian Alvarez who brought his people up (1-1, 27th), just to join the locker room on a parity score. Then everything got carried away on the restart, with two goals in eight minutes for the locals. An achievement by Kevin De Bruyne (2-1, 46th) followed by another by Ilkaï Gündogan (3-1, 53rd) and the mass was said. Or almost because Jack Grealish, author of a very high quality match, also wanted to take part in the celebration by scoring his team’s fourth and last goal today (4-1, 74th).

Unable to react, Reds once again sank defensively. Virgil van Dijk, so strong a few seasons ago, will have been the illustration of the bankruptcy of the rear base, he who was regularly caught up in speed and who also fished in the placement in certain situations. The rest of his partners were no more inspired. If this success therefore allows Pep Guardiola’s men to believe again and again in a new title, the situation is much more problematic for Liverpool who are unable to return to the race for Europe and who remain five points behind Newcastle ( 5e) who currently holds the last ticket.