Man arrested for stabbing friend to death in bar – Mimi Mefo Info

By Amina Hilda

A man whose MMI got as Ngambeche Ouchaou has been arrested for stabbing his friend to death in a bar located in Nkuetleum, a village in Foumbot, West Region of Cameroon.

The tragic incident took place on the evening of June 7, 2023, while the two young friends were having a drink at a popular joint.

“One of the friends used his knife to fatally stab the other before disappearing into the wild… His friend, Pepouna Abdel was later confirmed dead shortly after being,” stated a source.

A few hours after a manhunt was launched against him, Ngambeche Ouchaou was apprehended by the forces of law and order and placed in custody for further investigations.

The exact circumstance surrounding the tragic incident is yet to be made public.

Written by Aloys Gautier

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