Maignan, the clap of thunder

Upheavals in sight on the side of AC Milan? Since the announcement of the departure of Paolo Maldini, ousted from his position as technical director, some players are thinking of leaving. Mike Maignan is concerned.

A year after being crowned Serie A champion, AC Milan is experiencing a much more chaotic end to the 2022-23 season. Fourth in the final ranking in Italy, the Rossonero club ended an internal crisis with the announcement of the hasty departure of Paolo Maldini, dismissed from his position as technical director by the owner, Gerry Cardinale. A real earthquake particularly badly experienced by the players, including the French Théo Hernandez and Mike Maignan. The latter could also leave Lombardy.

Arrived in the summer of 2021 in Milan, the former doorman of LOSC and PSG had, like many, been attracted and above all convinced by Paolo Maldini himself. Lately, the two men were even in discussion to extend the Frenchman’s contract. But this hasty departure of the Milan legend has turned everything upside down and the possibility of seeing Maignan pack up is now being discussed. As explained The Team in its Saturday edition, Chelsea came out of the woods and made contact with Milan to test the waters. The sports daily that discussions will have a hard time achieving with the Italian team is not a seller.

A message and doubts

However, the financial power of Chelsea, combined with the possibility of seeing a Maignan eager to leave his club, could make the difference. Even if the rating of the goalkeeper has soared and is now around forty-five to fifty million euros, the Blues have the money to validate such a recruitment. For his part, Maignan cast doubt on his desire to stay in Milan, with a message posted on social networks following the dismissal of Maldini: “Semper Milan” (always Milan), accompanied by a point of questioning. The storm is brewing and one (or more) thunderclap cannot be ruled out.

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