Lufthansa Swiss Air’s complicated ticket booking process for Americans

Being a part of the biggest network of alliances, Lufthansa and Swiss Air are partners and serve customers worldwide. The airline’s group together to extend flight booking services to tons of destinations to offer excellent connectivity and facilities. Did you attempt Lufthansa Swiss Air ticket booking but found it complicated? This could be due to multiple reasons that you can circumvent. Here, you will find the reasons that might be hampering the booking process and the ways you can rectify or manage it. 

Reasons the ticket booking process might seem complicated-

  • Poor internet connectivity may act as a huge interruption. Ensure that the connectivity is strong so that the next page loads easily. The payment process will go through easily; otherwise, you may face issues.

  • Ensure that you use an authorized channel to book the tickets.

  • You might be using your phone to make the reservation on a browser. The browser might not support the web page. Thus, use the mobile app in case you book the flight with your smart phone. 


Ways to rectify the complications you encounter while booking the tickets-

  • You may use a different channel to make the flight reservation than the original method. Lufthansa and Swiss Air both offer multiple channels, including reservation numbers, official websites, and mobile apps. You may even book your flight by contacting a customer service agent at the ticket counters.


  • Try a different payment mode to confirm the reservation. Some card transactions might present a hindrance while booking the flight. Using a different mode of payment may let the processing complete easily in comparison to others. 


  • Fill in the passenger details properly, as incomplete information may not take you to the next page until you provide the full details.


  • Below is a guide that you may follow to complete the online booking process.

    • Open the homepage of the airline’s official website.

    • Select the type of trip (one-way, return trip, or multi-city booking).

    • Enter the origin, destination, travel dates, and the number of passengers.

    • Fill in the passenger details. It includes the name, date of birth, email address, and the address.

    • Then, make the payment.

    • The booking will be confirmed, and you will receive a confirmation email with the detailed itinerary.

Last but not least, the issue might be due to technical reasons related to the airlines’ own website. In such cases, nothing can be done from your end. Just give it some time and try again after a few hours once again. Do not forget that the airlines are available 24/7 to provide support and solutions to travel-related queries. If you found the maximum discount on flight tickets and were not able to book it due to complications, just call the customer service department to sort out the issue and book the flight for you. No airline wants to lose a valuable customer due to such issues. Thus, the representatives will be prompt in giving you the best solutions possible.

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