LR deputies against a “fuzzy” and “unfair” reform

They are in the minority at Les Républicains but hold a key to pension reform: several deputies from rural constituencies, worried about feedback from the field, are preparing to vote against it on Thursday and explain why.

“On the ground no one says to me + go ahead Mr. Deputy, vote for this reform it is good for the country! +”, affirms Pierre Cordier.

“In the Ardennes, many people work in metallurgy, foundry, with difficult climatic conditions when working outside,” he explains.

“People tell me that they are worn out at 57 or 58,” adds the elected official, according to whom the text “does not provide enough guarantees” and “does not take into account the hardship. Women are disadvantaged and we have not considered all the solutions on weekly working time, the smooth end of career…”

Finally, “it is not the LR deputies who will supplement the government!”, He protests.

“It’s a vague reform, and which comes at a very, very bad time”, abounds Jean-Yves Bony, elected representative of Cantal, “a popular department where people are penalized”.

“They are suffering, they are not ready to be conciliatory on this reform”, because “when you work hard, the recognition of this work is retirement. Being able to leave earlier must be taken into account”, adds the deputy who is not afraid to put himself at odds with his political family, which remains mainly in favor of reform.

“The family, you have to listen to it too,” he says, referring to the opposition aroused by the reform on the right. And, in the event of 49.3 to pass the reform without a vote, “it would not bother me to vote for a motion of censure which would come from Liot”, a group of independent deputies, assures Mr. Bony.

“At one point democracy is completely misguided. We have to react”. As for the risk of dissolution, “I am not afraid to go in front of the voters. I believe I have legitimacy”.

– “Inaudible” reform –

MP for Côte d’Or, Hubert Brigand will vote against because of “the way the government brought this law”, a text “which is not fair” and “a series of lies” according to him in particular on small pensions.

“In rural areas where everything is suppressed, this reform is inaudible. Here (in Paris) it is opulence, employment, activity while people are leaving here. The government has not felt it “, he says, recalling that last week “in Montbard, a town of 5,000 inhabitants, there were 2,000 demonstrators”.

As for the hiatus with his own group, “I am here to defend my territory and not to necessarily follow the instructions of the group”.

“It is unfair this reform”, affirms the deputy of Corrèze Francis Dubois, certainly in favor of a reform but “taking into account the years of contribution”, and “not on a finance bill”.

He assures that he will not change his vote even if progress is obtained on long careers in the joint joint committee on Wednesday: “things are not sufficiently clear”.

“And then we couldn’t discuss. If we get a 49.3 at the exit, what are we the deputies for? The government must have the political courage to vote”.