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Logo war between Zadig & Voltaire and Louis Vuitton

This is the epilogue of a procedure that lasted two years, and the outcome of which went unnoticed. On February 17, the Paris Court ruled in favor of Zadig & Voltaire against Louis Vuitton. The subsidiary of LVMH (shareholder of Challenges) had attacked the label created by Thierry Gillier for “parasitism”. Despite the failure of this approach, she did not appeal. The time allowed to do so has just elapsed. However, she claims to have obtained from the opposing party “the stoppage of the logo”, in the context of discussions which followed the court decision. Zadig & Voltaire contests. On the brand’s website, there are still bags for which the famous logo serves as a clasp, a use that Louis Vuitton precisely pointed out.

Zadig & Voltaire bags.  Credit: DR

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