Lidl launches 2 ultra-attractive electric bikes in Europe

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Lidl has just added two new electrically assisted bicycles to the Belgian and German markets: the Crivit X and Y. Designed for urban use, these two VAEs are particularly attractive on paper, especially with a price set below 1200 € .

lidl electric bikes
Credits: Lidl

Lidl, the European reference in hard-discount, has made a habit of diversifying its catalog and its offers to remain competitive. Today, the firm has more than one string to its bow, between products dedicated to home automation, the famous Monsieur Cuisine Smart which is snapping up, its €65 smartwatch or even more recently the Zündapp Z810 and ZF20 electric bikes. Speed ​​Folder.

Regarding pedelecs, the references available on the French market are limited to the two models mentioned above as well as the Zündapp Trekking 7.7 700c. But things could change soon.

Lidl presents two pedelecs with unbeatable value for money

Indeed, the brand has just launched on the Belgian and German markets two new models via under the Crivit brand (which it uses in particular for sports clothing and accessories). The first, the Crivit Urban e-Bike Xis high-framed, while the other, the Crivit Urban e-Bike Yopts for a low step-over.

In fact, you will have to opt for one or the other according to your preferences and especially your size, the Crivit X being designed for users measuring between 1.70 m and 1.95 m, and the Y for people between 1 .60m and 1.90m. Apart from this small specificity, the two e-bikes share the same technical data sheet.

First of all, we find in the hub of the rear wheel a 250W electric motor Mivice M080 with a couple of 40Nm. It comes with a 360 Wh (36V – 10 Ah) lithium battery, installed in the seat tube. Note also that the latter is removable, convenient to recharge it at home or in the office. It also has an anti-theft device.

lidl electric bikes
Credits: Lidl

70 km range and carbon transmission

Of course, these two VAE strictly comply with the European legislation in force. In other words, they do not exceed 25 km/h. On the autonomy side, we can browse 70km with a full charge. It will also take 3h30 to reach 100%.

On the handlebars, the user has a LCD screen to check the battery charge level and activate one of the five levels of assistance available. Regarding the cycle part, the Crivit X and Y use direct transmission with carbon belt. A system which has the merit of requiring little maintenance, but which inevitably induces more effort on the part of the user on steep climbs.

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lidl electric bikes
Credits: Lidl

All for less than 1200 €

Another good point to attribute to the two Lidl VAEs: the presence of hydraulic disc brakes signed Tektro, front and rear. To complete this already attractive package, there is then a lighting device, a bell, reflectors, a side stand, 27.5 inch tires and an IPX5 certified for splashing water. Finally, note that the two VAE weigh 20 kg. Let us now conclude with the prices. Usually displayed at 1699 €, both pedelecs are available in Germany and Belgium for €1,199.

For now, these two electric bikes are not yet available in France. Nevertheless, Lidl has just opened its online store, which gives hope of seeing the Crivit X and Y arrive on the French market in the coming weeks.

Source: Clean Rider