“Let go of your frustrated side!”, Rothen smashes Cantona

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Jérôme Rothen took out the sulfateuse this Friday, to respond to Eric Cantona’s comments on the level of French football and Paris Saint-Germain.

Eric Cantona had two or three more things to say about football and he said them. While embarking on a musical tour in his new singing clothes, the former Manchester United indulged in a particularly harsh analysis against French football and PSG, in the columns of the Parisian. Believing that tricolor football “ has no history » has drawn the wrath of Jérôme Rothen. The latter did not hold back his blows when responding to the former international.

Today host on RMC, Rothen therefore took the time to tell his glorious elder what he thought of his remarks. And he didn’t go with the back of the spoon. ” It always concerns me when Eric Cantona talks about football, already because he has disconnected from football, so when you disconnect you are necessarily dropped in your analyses. […] And him as soon as he talks about French football, he denigrates. The proof he is able to say that France has no history in football. »

“Please don’t talk about football anymore”

And the one who went through ESTAC, Monaco and PSG to continue by attacking Eric Cantona directly. ” It’s not France’s fault if he didn’t have a great international career because with his character he sintered with all the French coaches. […] Whether he feels frustrated, angry, disappointed or not listened to is one thing, but don’t question everything. […] Stop for two seconds, try to be fair with France and let go of your frustrated side. Please don’t talk about football anymore. It’s just disgusting to talk about football like that. “A muscular exit that the main target will appreciate. Or not.