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Lens, scandal denounced to Bollaert

If the atmosphere of the Bollaert stadium is unanimous in French football, several supporters of the Sang et Or testify to acts of sexual assault and harassment in the artesian enclosure, relays the Voice of the North.

It’s one of the great stories of the season in Ligue 1. Rising from Ligue 2 in 2020, RC Lens won their ticket to the next Champions League by ensuring they finished in second place in the championship behind Paris Saint Germain.

The Sang et Or celebrated this return to C1 with their supporters, who regularly claim the status of the best public in France. But if the atmosphere of the Bollaert stadium is often cited as an example, all is not so rosy, if we believe this article from the Voix du Nord. According to the regional daily, several women testify to acts of sexual assault and harassment in the bays of the artesian stadium.

These accusations are taken very seriously by Racing, which was asked by La Voix du Nord to react. “It’s a very good thing if the floor is free, even if it’s abrupt for the clubreplied the Lensoise management. We had never had any feedback of this type, otherwise we would have acted immediately. If people have been victims of such acts, we invite them to file a complaint and get closer to the club. The message is also passed on to security personnel: in the event of a report in the middle of a match, people must be able to intervene. If there are victims, we will be on their side. » «

“If there is a report and the facts are proven, these people will no longer set foot in Bollaert. There isn’t the shadow of a place for people like that.” firmly secures the RC Lens.

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