Learning and Memory Behavioral Testing Services

Learning and memory are important functions and activities of the nervous system that are interconnected with each other. With the rapid development of neuroscience, behavioral science has been an essential tool to study learning and memory related disorders.

Our company has a professional animal behavior testing and data analysis platform, and is committed to providing high quality learning and memory behavior testing services to universities and research Institutes.

Fig. 1 Fear memory induction and testing in mice.Fig. 1 Fear memory induction and testing in mice.

Why Should I Conduct Learning and Memory Behavioral Tests

  • Abnormalities in learning memory function usually lead to a number of neurological disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, epilepsy, schizophrenia, cerebral palsy, and stroke.
  • Behavioral tests provide an excellent research tool for the pathopharmacological study of neurological related diseases.
  • Different behavioral experiments focus on different conditions of use, and need to be selected according to specific application needs, combining multiple behavioral methods for comprehensive analysis when necessary.

You can divert your time and energy to more in-depth research in the field of neuroscience. Let Our company’ professional team solve the whole process of learning and memory behavioral assessment services from test protocol development to data analysis for your breakthrough in neuroscience research. 

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