lead actor announces October 2023 release

Alan Wake 2, the long-awaited sequel to Remedy’s cult game, is due to arrive in 2023. And according to Matthew Porretta, the actor who plays the cursed writer, the title will arrive on consoles and PC from October stack for Halloween.

alan wake 2
Credits: Remedy

This year 2023 will definitely be marked by the return to the video game scene of many licenses. Of course, millions of players have already embarked on the formidable adventure offered by The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, while hell is due to open its doors on June 6, 2023 with Diablo IV.

But that’s not all, since Final Fantasy XVI will also land next month. Another license particularly appreciated by players should return in 2023: Alan Wake. And yes, the cult title of Remedy will finally have the right to a sequel, 13 years after its release on Xbox 360.

For now, apart from a cryptic but chilling trailer, we know very little about the game. It has been confirmed by the Finnish studio that it will still be a 3rd person horror adventure game , like the 1st episode. On the casting side, Matthew Porretta, who already doubled the cursed writer in the original opus (and who also played Dr. Darling in Control), will resume his role.

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Alan Wake 2 in October 2023? The main actor confirms it

And precisely, the interpreter has just indulged in some indiscretions during the YouTube podcast Monster, Madness and Magic. For good reason, he announced with all the lightness of the world that the game will arrive on PS5, Xbox Series X and PC in October 2023!

I worked on it. It is supposed to come out in October. We are working on it,” did he declare. The actor clarified that he had visited the Finnish studios of Remedy for some recording sessions last week, before specifying: “Remedy, they are extraordinary people”.

As the main protagonist, we suspect that Matthew Porretta is in possession of rather reliable information on the development of the game. Nevertheless, it is important to note that the actor does not speak in an official capacity on behalf of Remedy. In other words, before having a confirmation from the studio, it will be advisable to take this exit window with tweezers.

Source: Eurogamer

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