Laure Boulleau denounces a scandal

On the Canal + set, Tuesday evening, during the Champions League evening, Laure Boulleau denounced a penalty given to Manchester City for a hand from a Leipzig player spotted by the video assistant referee.

While the Manchester City ofErling Haaland ended up stacking the goals against Leipzig on Tuesday evening in the knockout stages of the Champions League, the referees of the meeting did the feat of distinguishing themselves in the wrong way. The Slovenian referee of the game, Slavko Vincic, indeed whistled the penalty for 1-0 (22nd) being unable to go against what his video assistant, the Spaniard Alejandro Hernandez, had spotted.

The referees could very well have overridden this action without impact. Benjamin Henrichs barely touched the ball with his hand on a header from Rodri in the middle of the box. It was certainly in front of the RBL goal, but the Spanish midfielder made a header (and not a recovery to score) and the German side was in the air, from behind.

At halftime of the meeting, Laure Boulleau, the star consultant of Canal +, had a rant on the set of the Champions Club channel: “ We are on an extension where I find that the defender jumps. Try jumping without your arms, it’s impossible! There is a closeness between the two players which is incredible, I find that there is no penalty at all, I even find it scandalous that, seeing the images, he confirms the penalty “.