Jura: a 23-year-old man sentenced for raping a mare

A 23-year-old man was given a six-month suspended prison sentence last Friday by the local court in Dole (Jura) for having committed sexual acts on a mare.

On Friday March 10, the local court of Dole (Jura) sentenced a 23-year-old man to a six-month suspended prison sentence and two years of care for the rape of a mare.

The facts date back to January 24, in Montigny-lès-Arsures. That day, walkers discovered the man standing at the back of the animal’s rump, putting his fingers in the mare’s vulva, reported our colleagues from Progress.

The latter managed to take a photo of the man, allowing investigators to quickly identify him.

“Particularly glaucous” facts

During the trial, the owner of the mare was accompanied by the SPA, which had decided to bring a civil action. The lawyer for the animal protection association denounced “extremely serious and particularly gloomy” facts.

The accused explained to him that he responded to an impulse. When questioned by the court, he said he “deeply regrets this act”.

In addition to a six-month prison sentence with reinforced probation, an obligation to care for two years, as well as the prohibition to keep an animal for five years, the man will have to reimburse the 500 euros of costs. lawyer, as well as 800 euros in damages to the SPA.