” It’s crazy ! “, Alcaraz hallucinates

This Friday, the Spaniard Carlos Alcaraz was at a press conference. The world number 1 knows he is eagerly awaited in this Roland-Garros, and in particular after the withdrawal of Rafael Nadal.

Carlos Alcaraz will be eagerly awaited. For the 2023 edition of Roland-Garros, which begins this Sunday, May 28, to officially conclude on Sunday, June 11. This Friday, the world number 1 was at a press conference. Before starting the second Grand Slam of the year. For the first time in such a prestigious tournament, Alcaraz will be seeded No. 1, as reported by theAFP : “ It’s crazy. To be seeded No. 1 in a Grand Slam is incredible. I worked for that, to get there, to get to the top, so at the same time it makes me happy. But I don’t feel more pressure because I’m world No. 1 or seeded No. 1. I know very well why I’m here, what I have to do, how I have to play, how I feel: not so much focusing on wanting to get a good result to stay number 1 or something like that, but playing my play, have fun. And from there, the good results will come. »

“I have always said that I have never been afraid of anyone”

In the absence of Rafael Nadal, the Spaniard will be one of the big favorites for the final victory, notably in the company of the Serbian Novak Djokovic: “Obviously when Rafa is here, in what is his tournament, it is more complicated … But I’ve always said that I’ve never been afraid of anyone, and even if he had been there, I wouldn’t have given myself less of a chance of winning the tournament. I’m ambitious like that… And like I said, I also don’t feel so much pressure because the eyes are more on me now, in the absence of Rafa or simply because people expect a lot from me. I try not to think about it, just play my game and have fun. »

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