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In Guatemala, 1000 inhabitants evacuated because of a new eruption of the Volcan de Fuego

INTERNATIONAL – Central America’s most active volcano is rumbling again. More than a thousand inhabitants were evacuated Thursday, May 4 in Guatemala after the eruption of the Fuego volcano, near the capital, according to the authorities.

As you can see in the video at the top of this articlethe projections began Thursday, May 4 in the morning and caused fiery clouds – mixtures of gas, water vapor and debris at very high temperatures which descend the slopes at very high speed -, raising fears for the safety of the populations. surrounding.

This is why a total of 1,054 people living in five neighboring villages have been evacuated, said during a press conference the director of the Coordination for Disaster Reduction (Conred), Oscar Cossio. According to Conred, about 130,000 people live under the threat of the Fuego volcano, a colossus 3,763 meters above sea level located just 35 km from the capital Guatemala.

The last eruption dates from December 2022

The director general of the Institute of Volcanology of Guatemala, Edwin Rojas, however, announced Thursday evening “a decrease in the activity of the volcano”Earlier, Conred had indicated that the eruptive column, composed of gas and ash, rose up to 6,000 meters above sea level.

When the Fuego volcano last erupted in December 2022, Guatemala’s international airport had to be closed, as did a busy road between the tourist town of Antigua Guatemala and the south of the country.

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