I’m trolled for naming my baby after a ‘fart’ – but our second child’s is even worse

DECIDING on what to name your child is a personal and sentimental decision, so most parents aren’t open to taking suggestions when figuring out their newborn’s name.

However, there are some instances where strangers feel inclined to intervene—like one mom learned when she revealed a plan to name both her children after “farts.”

Abbie Herbert and her husband Josh have one daughter, who they call Poot


Abbie Herbert and her husband Josh have one daughter, who they call PootCredit: TikTok/Abbie Herbert
The couple intends to name their second child after a 'fart' as well


The couple intends to name their second child after a ‘fart’ as wellCredit: TikTok/Abbie Herbert

Abbie Herber, 25, and her husband Josh, 32, have received criticism in the past for what they call their one-year-old daughter.

Though her legal name is Poppy, the Herbert family – and their combined 14.5million TikTok followers – refer to the baby as Poot.

“You’re naming kids, not babies,” one commenter wrote on a video of Poot. “Think of when these kids are in middle school.”

“Why didn’t you give her a nice name?” another questioned.

Those who don’t like the Herberts’ parenting choices will be unhappy to know the couple intends to carry on the naming convention.

In fact, the couple is now expecting a baby boy, and they’ve already chosen a name for their second child.

However, despite previously joking about giving their son another fart-related name, they recently teased on social media that the boy’s name will be JJ.

But prior to teasing the name, Abbie wrote in a video: “We have been getting hate for naming our daughter Poot.

As she and Josh danced with their daughter across the screen, the couple’s cheeky revelation appeared in the captions.

“They have no idea we plan on naming baby number two Tooty Herbert,” the mom said.

In the comments sections, critical viewers were immediately dismissive of the name.

“When they grow up people will make fun of them,” one viewer wrote.

“When they grow up? You mean already,” a different person replied.

“Tooty legit means quiet fart,” protested a commenter, adding plenty of skull and laughing emojis.

“What about Jessica or something,” read one pithy suggestion.

Making reference to Abbie and Josh’s stated goal of having eight children, one commenter suggested a rhyming name scheme.

“Poot Toot Root and Scoot,” they rattled off, generously providing names for half of the couple’s desired brood.

And if the couple ever has twins, they can make a slight adjustment to their plans.

“Twins will be named Tutti and Frutti,” one viewer wrote.

Luckily, the Herberts seem unfazed by the criticism, and Abbie even admitted that family members often acknowledge the criticism by referring to Poot as “Fart” as a joke.


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