I’m a redhead – my self-tanner problem is a ‘lifelong struggle’ but people say I’m the ‘hottest circus peanut’ they know

A REDHEAD has admitted her “lifelong” struggle with self-tanner in a popular video.

She showed off her tan gone wrong that still had people calling her the “hottest circus peanut” they know.

Justice is a redhead and shared her 'lifelong struggle' with self-tanner in a TikTok video


Justice is a redhead and shared her ‘lifelong struggle’ with self-tanner in a TikTok videoCredit: TIKTOK/@justicebmitchell

Justice Mitchell (@justicebmitchell) is a content creator who enjoys sharing her life as a young mother and wife online.

She keeps it real in many of her videos and shares many random moments in her everyday life.

In a TikTok video, the redhead was transparent about her struggles with applying self-tanner over her naturally pale skin.

To emphasize how she felt about it, she captioned the video: “The lifelong struggle.”

When the video began, Justice sat in front of the camera and was visible from the chest up.

The subtitle read in bright pink letters: “POV: You’re a pale ginger who just wants a tan like the other girls.”

She stood up to reveal that she wore a white button-down shirt with a black T-shirt underneath and denim shorts that showed off her heavily tan legs.

Her stylish look was overshadowed by her “citrus peanut orange” legs as she called them.

To add some humor, the redhead did a quirky dance as the video came to a close.

Many people related to Justice about her self-tan issues, but some also thought her beauty took over.

“I tried self-tanner last year and it just looked like I rolled in dirt,” one viewer shared.

“Never felt something more,” another chimed in.

“You’re the hottest citrus peanut I know!” a fan praised.

“I like it. I think I look hot,” someone shared.

People online say she's the 'hottest circus peanut' for her orange legs from the tanner


People online say she’s the ‘hottest circus peanut’ for her orange legs from the tannerCredit: TIKTOK/@justicebmitchell

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