I’m a fit gym girl – my leggings ripped down the middle during my workout, I just kept going

IT’S every gymgoer’s worst nightmare: the mid-workout wardrobe malfunction.

One experienced fitness fan was horrified to hear a ripping noise during leg day, but her perseverance inspired other women to keep calm and lift on.

Dr Stephanie Charles is a fitness model, so she's dedicated to the gym


Dr Stephanie Charles is a fitness model, so she’s dedicated to the gymCredit: TikTok/dr.stephfit_c
During her workout, she experienced a major wardrobe malfunction


During her workout, she experienced a major wardrobe malfunctionCredit: TikTok/dr.stephfit_c

Fitness model and medical doctor Stephanie Charles (@dr.stephfit_c) has an impressive resume.

She juggles her healthcare career and a dedicated fitness regimen, so she doesn’t have time to sweat the small stuff.

During an everyday workout, Charles was surprised by a clothing crisis – and she caught it on camera.

“I am so embarrassed,” Charles confessed. “Today, I was doing leg press, and my pants ripped. Split down the middle!”

The footage confirmed her claims. In the clip, Charles abruptly sat up on the leg press machine to check her inseam.

A close-up shot of the leggings (without Charles in them) showed the hole, which was large enough for her to slide a finger through.

“But you know what? That didn’t stop me from getting my workout in,” she continued.

“I was like, ‘Who cares what anyone else thinks’?” Charles said.

On-screen, Charles continued with her workout, moving between machines and completing deadlifts.

She didn’t obsess over the tear, relying on the occasional check-in while she kept working.

Charles did her best to disguise the rip, but continued her workout


Charles did her best to disguise the rip, but continued her workoutCredit: TikTok/dr.stephfit_c

“Sometimes, things don’t go as planned,” she continued. “It’s okay to just roll with it and make the best of a situation.

She ended with an inspiring message for her followers. “It’s all about showing up and giving it your all,” Charles reassured them.

Several commenters thanked Charles for her honesty, and admitted they’d also been the victims of an ill-timed tear.

“I feel like this happens way more often than people would think,” one commenter insisted.

“That happened to me two times in the gym,” another viewer confirmed – in fact, it had just occurred the day before.

One woman revealed her “backup plan” for the all-too-common conundrum.

“I always keep a hoodie in my car/gym bag, in cases such as these,” she wrote.

She also said she loved how much determination Charles exhibited.

“I’d think that everyone would focus on their individual routines and not on you,” a gymgoer wrote.

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But they made sure to end their comment on a compliment, writing, “I admire that you stuck to plan and got your session in.”

“You turned a negative into a positive,” a supporter agreed.


Written by Aloys Gautier

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