I’m 35 and tried on my old Hooters uniform – it was a little snug but people think I look amazing

A 35-YEAR-old TikToker has tried on her uniform from when she used to work at Hooters, and everyone thinks she looks amazing.

While she admits it’s a little tight, the orange and whites still fit and flatter this mom.

Shannon was surprised her old uniform still fit


Shannon was surprised her old uniform still fitCredit: TIKTOK/shannonk334
While she admitted it was 'a little snug,' it still flattered her body


While she admitted it was ‘a little snug,’ it still flattered her bodyCredit: TIKTOK/shannonk334

“I tried on my old Hooters uniform for fun! I’m 35! It’s a little snug,” the text overlay of the video read.

Shannon, or @shannonk334 danced around to Cherry Pie by Warrant.

She spun around and gave viewers a full 360-degree view of her body in her former Hooters uniform.

The tank top and the orange shorts hugged her body to show off her figure.

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The video concludes with her laughing at herself after dancing hilariously around.

In the comments, she saw a lot of love from presumed Hooters fans.

“You could still pass for 25. You look great,” one comment read.

Another said it would make the perfect costume. “Looks good to me. Can (you) say Halloween costume?”

Shannon replied, “My kids would hate me if I wore this!”

A third comment fantasized about her actually being his Hooters server.

“Shut up and take my money! Oh, and I’d like another beer please ma’am,” they wrote.

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