I only wear a bra ‘two business days a week’ – my hack makes it easy but people joke I’m using ‘pimple patches’

GOING without a bra takes guts, or a suitable backup plan.

One woman shared her favorite trick for skipping the bra, and was quick with a comeback when trolls questioned her habits.

TikTok user K.K. Sayer dislikes wearing a bra more than 'two days a week'


TikTok user K.K. Sayer dislikes wearing a bra more than ‘two days a week’Credit: TikTok/tankjuicd
Sayer used patch inserts in lieu of a normal bra


Sayer used patch inserts in lieu of a normal braCredit: TikTok/tankjuicd

TikTok user K.K. Sayer (@tankjuicd) shared the smart hack that allows her to go bra-free most of the time.

In the video’s caption, Sayer admitted she prefers to go without a bra whenever possible.

“I only wear a bra two business days a week,” she wrote.

In keeping with her low-bra-use lifestyle, Sayer demonstrated what a difference modern alternatives can make.

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Sayer tried out some new “boob cups,” better known as an adhesive bra, in a strappy blue sundress.

First, she modeled the figure-hugging dress with a traditional bra on.

While the bra lifted her chest added structure to the dress, it also showed through a cut-out in the back of the dress.

So, Sayer swapped it for a pair of small, sticky patches.

She tucked the little cups into the bodice of the dress, instantly adding volume and shape to her chest area.

Once the clever inventions were secured, Sayer tugged the dress’s staps back into place.

A commenter teased Sayer's 'pimple patch' method but it worked like a charm


A commenter teased Sayer’s ‘pimple patch’ method but it worked like a charmCredit: TikTok/tankjuicd
Viewers complimented Sayer's dress, and how she looked in it


Viewers complimented Sayer’s dress, and how she looked in itCredit: TikTok/tankjuicd

Then, she turned to show off the back of the dress, where there were no longer bra straps to distract from her perfect ensemble.

Viewers begged for Sayer’s shopping advice so they could copy her style.

One soman said Sayer had a “dream bod,” especially in the figure-huging outfit.

Others asked where they could buy her “cute dress,” which came from Australian brand Kookai.

A snarky commenter tried to tease Sayer, but she was having nothing of it.

“Why are you putting pimple patches there?” they asked her. The joke was a reference to a previous video Sayer had posted.

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Quick as can be, Syer wrote back that the handy patches were “multi-use.”

Even her troll had to appreciate the clever response. “Smart,” they wrote in appreciation.