I have a ‘body shaped like a Coke bottle’ – it makes me so confident, people say they’re ‘in love with me’

WHEN this content creator looks in the mirror, she sees a familiar shape – one you might spot in your fridge.

Her followers see a “perfect” body, and they’re head-over-heels for it.

Content creator Madison filmed her getting-ready routine – and outfit reveal


Content creator Madison filmed her getting-ready routine – and outfit revealCredit: TikTok
Viewers said her body, 'shaped like a Coke bottle,' was 'immaculate'


Viewers said her body, ‘shaped like a Coke bottle,’ was ‘immaculate’Credit: TikTok

While getting ready for a day out, Madison (@madchristiana) filmed her routine while lip-synching to music.

Standing with oversize curlers in her hair, Madison looked directly into the camera for her close-up.

Then, the video smash-cut to the rising TikTok star in front of her mirror, with her outfit of the day on full display.

The blonde bombshell gazed coolly at her reflection in a pair of dark sunglasses, a cropped top, and a short white skirt.

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Her music cue played in perfect time with the big reveal: the lyrics said, “body shaped like a Coke bottle,” referring to her hourglass shape.

In the captions, Madison once again labeled herself as “Coke bottle-shaped” and also used the hashtags to state how “confident” she felt.

Madison’s followers were thrilled by her proud, glamorous snaps.

“Pop off yesssss,” wrote one fan, equally thrilled by Madison’s look and her stylish way of revealing it.

The commenters couldn’t help but draw out their compliments. Another said, “Girl you lookin’ fineeee.”

One person confessed, “Ok nah, I’m obsessed with you.”

Another dedicated fan said, “I’m honored to know you.”

And the pledges just kept coming. Madison instantly charmed dozens, like the viewer who wrote, “I’m in love with you.”

Some had questions. Many asked for Madison’s workout routine, or to know where she got her curlers.

“Why are you so perfect?” one viewer begged.

A second commenter agreed, writing, “Your body is immaculate, oh my God.”