I had my first baby in 30 minutes and only pushed once – all pregnant women need to put in the prep I did

BEING pregnant is no joke – there’s morning sickness, hormones controlling your every move, weird food cravings…

And the grand finale – giving birth – is not for the faint-hearted either, as you spend hours in labour trying to push the baby out.

Nev's a first-time mum and claimed her special pre-labour prep made the big day so much easier


Nev’s a first-time mum and claimed her special pre-labour prep made the big day so much easierCredit: Tiktok – @222.vaehh
The parent claimed the process was pain-free and she was able to walk just an hour later


The parent claimed the process was pain-free and she was able to walk just an hour laterCredit: Tiktok – @222.vaehh

However, one new mum claimed that she was over and done with the typically painful process in less than an hour, having her newborn in her arms just 30 minutes later.

The TikTok user Nev (@222.vaehh), from Miami, the US, explained that this was all due to the pre-labour preparation she made sure to follow before the big day.

Turns out, there are a lot of natural remedies – as well as exercise – that, according to her, help to squeeze out the baby in just one push with little to no pain.

Sharing her tips, the first-time mum said: ”Telling every pregnant girl I know who’s planning on having a natural unmediated birth to eat pineapples, dates, drink red raspberry leaf tea and walk a lot.”

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These simple measures, she claimed, do wonders for softening and preparing your cervix.

”I did this and I was only in labour for 30 minutes, got my baby out in one push and didn’t rip at all.

”I was walking an hour after giving birth,” said Nev, who then named her baby daughter Nevani.

”I feel so damn powerful. I just had my first baby completely natural with no epidural or pain meds.”

Nev chuckled in the caption of her clip: ” I pushed her out so fast and said “that wasn’t even that bad.”

The video has since taken the social media platform by storm, with many saying they’ll save it for future reference.

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One wrote: ”Me 17 saving this on tik tok to rewatch it in about 10 years.”

A second penned: ”Saving this for 10 years later when I’m ready LOL.”

A fellow parent commented: ”First time mum here… only pushed for 13 minutes. Definitely recommend raspberry leaf tea daily and walking LOADS.”

However, amongst 5.8million viewers were also those who shared their horror stories, claiming that none of these steps made the big day any less painful.

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One mum revealed:” Did all this, perineal stretches and still ended up laboring for 22 hours, pushing for 4 and having a fourth degree tear.

”Every woman is different.”


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