“I did with the weapons of the day”

Like Johannes Boe, Quentin Fillon Maillet made his return this Thursday to the Oslo sprint after being impacted by Covid-19 the previous week. The Frenchman had to settle for 7th place, but he said he was very happy despite his poor form to have signed his first 10 out of 10 of the winter.

The history of the season will therefore remember that Quentin Fillon waited to wait for the last sprint of the winter, when he was barely recovering from his Covid-19 infection, to sign his first clear round during this exercise. A rather unexpected result given the form in which the Franc-Comptois had lined up this Thursday at the start of the Oslo sprint which tended to give a smile to a “QFM” which had not had many reasons to rejoice until now.

Certainly, the winner of the big crystal globe last season would have preferred to invite himself to the flower ceremony, which he missed for a place (he finished 7th). At the microphone of The Channel The Team, he nevertheless displayed a certain pleasure. “I gave the maximum today (Thursday) and I am satisfied, because the objective was shooting. Of course, being sick last week gave me time to rest, but it sure didn’t benefit me. I gave the maximum on the track as on the shooting range, so I am satisfied with my race today”, analyzed Fillon Maillet, who probably did not expect as much given the context. “It was very difficult and complicated on skis, I suffered a lot, but it’s without regret, and I did with the weapons of the day. »

Fillon Maillet: “I hope it will get me in shape for the weekend”

Weapons that have therefore allowed him to achieve a faultless shooting, for the first time this season. He had been chasing after since November 29. “I’m happy to be able to do it, that’s what I’ve been missing since the start of the season with this 10 out of 10. I had somewhat complicated shooting tests, with a little tension, but in the end, it pass, so the goal is achieved for today. » « QFM » hopes that he will be able to rejoice again on Saturday after the chase, aware to know himself perfectly that he will hardly be able to do worse, at least on skis.

“I know myself well enough to say that when I haven’t raced for a while, I need a little warm-up time, so hopefully that’s it and it will be better on the chase. “Hoping that “today’s (Thursday) race will put (le) in a bit of shape for the weekend. “But without any illusion of jostling Johannes Boe on his cloud. “He is sure that the Covid has not handicapped him, he is in very good shape and has still had a very big race. »