How to Make Your Clothes Last Longer?

Throwing away your favourite clothes because they are no longer useful is a painful experience. It is not only a waste of your heavy investment but your emotional attachment to the clothes. However, this will not be an issue if you invest in high-quality pieces and correctly take care of your clothes. When you take care appropriately, you can make your clothes last longer. So, let’s have a look at the tips.

Top 10 Tips to Make Your Clothes Last Longer

Have a look at these effective tips for your clothes.

Invest in High-Quality Pieces

Let’s start with a basic truth: your clothes won’t last long if you exclusively purchase quick fashion that is inexpensive and of poor quality. It is either invested well or purchased twice. Sure, the cost of high-quality products might occasionally be off-putting, but consider it an investment that will save you money by avoiding the need to buy new ones the following year. It’s the first thing you must do to create a more environmentally friendly wardrobe. Spending more on wardrobe basics that you will like for years to come is well worth it since higher-quality clothing lasts much longer than cheap, quick fashion. If you want the best quality clothes without breaking the bank, you can use the Bershka promo code.

Consider Air Drying

Clothes last longer when dried with air. Intimate or athletic wear might readily shrink when dried in a hot tumble dryer. Air drying your garments naturally is the easiest approach to avoid this. The impact of a tumble dryer is well-known to those who pay their power bills. Using a clothesline is more cost-effective since it uses less energy and is also one of the finest methods to guarantee that your clothing lasts longer.

Avoid Overwashing

Overwashing your clothing may cause fading, stretch elasticised goods, and gradually begin to break down the fabric’s fibers. It is also highly harmful to your clothes. In summary, avoid washing your garments too frequently since this will cause them to deteriorate and fade quickly. How many wears before washing is possible for clothes? The classic smell test is the most effective way to find out. Wash it if it seems or smells bad. You can wear anything at least three times, excluding sportswear, undergarments, and socks. This can be significantly greater for outerwear, such as sweaters or pants.

Avoid Too Much Washing Detergent

In addition to being costly, using too much laundry detergent will cause your clothing to become increasingly stiff and lifeless over time. Actually, you probably only need to use half as much detergent as recommended. To improve natural detergent naturally, try adding baking soda. Additionally, try to transition to detergents that are more ecologically friendly—made with natural ingredients and consideration for the environment. Use fabric refreshers, lavender, or scented wardrobe linens to keep your garments from feeling stale and requiring frequent washing.

Don’t Use Fabric Conditioners

Fabric conditioners cover the fibers in your clothing with a waxy residue while adding a ton of additional chemicals, colours, and perfumes. As this accumulates over time, it may hasten the fading of coloured clothing and speed up the degradation of fibers. Are you looking for a different option? To keep your cupboards smelling like fresh linen, line them with scented paper and add a tiny quantity of vinegar as a replacement. 

Avoid Dry Cleaning As Much As Possible

This one could be more applicable for males who routinely dry clean their suits. In addition to being an extremely expensive habit, dry cleaning uses harsh chemicals that gradually deteriorate the fibers in your elegant clothing and are harmful to the environment. Reduce how often you dry clean your most costly clothing to help it last longer. While taking a shower in the bathroom, you can hang them up. Without the need for chemical cleaners, the steam will help wrinkles disappear and revitalise the ensemble.

Separate the Colours While Washing

It’s the oldest error in the book—but we’ve all made mistakes before. Separate colours from whites before washing to prevent colours from smearing and turning your favourite white shirt pink. It is remarkable how well colour catchers perform; always use one. If your new clothing is bright, soak them in a dish overnight to observe how much the colour runs. You might want to do a couple of rounds of washing these separately.

Store Your Clothes in the Right Place

If you keep dark or coloured clothing in the sun for an extended period of time, it will eventually begin to fade. Similarly, as clothing must be able to breathe, keeping it in a confined place where it may become wet or stinky will require more frequent washings, which will shorten its lifespan. Keep clothing out of direct sunlight and in well-ventilated closets to extend shelf life.

Be Cautious While ironing

Ironing may quickly destroy clothes if you don’t know what temperature to iron material at. Every item of clothing is different and has different requirements. You can make it easy. Just review the label’s recommendations and set the iron’s temperature slightly lower than recommended. Precaution is better than regretting it later.

Fold Clothes Instead of Hanging

Heavy clothing will expand and lose form as it is hung, giving you that perfect fit you’ve always loved. Maintaining the form of your clothes can help you use them for longer, as fitting garments is one of the main reasons, we toss them away. So, a piece of wise advice is to fold your clothes right after washing them and avoid hanging them, especially when they are heavy.

Wrap UP!

There you have it – some of the best tips to make your clothes last longer. By following these tips, you can enjoy wearing your favorite clothes over and over again without the need to throw them away. So, take care of your clothes and invest wisely, as it is not only ecologically friendly but easy on your pocket as well.

Written by Robert Hamish

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