How To Make Natural Fertilizer With Eggshells? The Easy Recipe.

How to make a natural fertilizer with simple eggshells?

Too many of us still throw them away after meals.

And that’s a shame, because what we think is debris actually has a lot of virtues.

So why not use it for the well-being of our plants?

This is the question I asked Paul, the gardener in my village.

He confirmed to me that we could use the shells to make homemade fertilizer.

It gives a real boost to plants thanks to the calcium it contains.

Here is our easy eggshell fertilizer recipe. Look :


– 2 liters of water

– 10 eggshells

– 1 airtight glass jar

– colander

How to do

For 2 liters of fertilizer

1. Roughly wash the shells and dry them.

2. Break them into large pieces.

3. Meanwhile, boil the water.

4. Pour the water into the jar.

5. Add the shells and stir.

6. Close the jar.

7. Leave to infuse for at least 24 hours.

8. Filter with the strainer to remove the pieces of shells.

9. Water your plants with 1 a little of this solution.


And There you go ! Your homemade eggshell fertilizer is already ready ūüôā

Easy, fast and effective, right?

And above all, it does not cost a penny!

Goodbye chemical fertilizers that we pay a fortune.

Just adjust the amount of fertilizer according to the size of the plant.

To put it simply, we will put 100 ml for a medium-sized plant, that is to say a plant about 40 to 60 cm high.

And that, about once a month.

I put it regularly on my indoor green plants. And I think it’s super effective considering how well they’re doing.

But you can also give it to outdoor plants and even to young plants in the vegetable garden.

Why does this homemade organic fertilizer work well?

The shells are rich in calcium.

By infusing in hot water, it is released little by little to enrich it.

But that’s not all !

They also contain a lot of minerals that plants love and need to grow and flower.

It is particularly suitable for salads, cucumbers, eggplants, tomatoes, strawberries, raspberries and fruit trees.

As for flowers, chrysanthemums, roses, peonies, daisies, geraniums love it. But also succulents.

Finally, indoors, it seems particularly appreciated by the moonflower, the pothos, the ficus and the philodendron.

I put it twice a year on my monstera….but no more, because it is already growing too fast.

2 variations on the eggshell fertilizer recipe

– shell powder. If the infusion seems too long to make, you can simply grind the shells into a powder. Then, put a handful at the foot of each plant. Diffusion will be slower.

– Improved infusion. For my part, I improve the shell infusion by adding a banana peel cut into small pieces. For what ? Because it brings potassium and amplifies the benefits of this fertilizer.

4 Benefits of Eggshell Fertilizer

Here are 4 advantages of using this 100% organic fertilizer:

– It promotes root growth. This is not negligible, especially for vegetable plants in the vegetable garden or for cuttings of green plants. The powdered version is recommended for tomatoes, for example, because it diffuses slowly into the soil.

– It reduces soil acidity. The calcium carbonate contained in the shells helps to lower the pH of the soil. This is very suitable for most plants.

– It repels insect pests. The sulfurous smell of the eggshell puts off certain animal pests such as the field mouse, for example. But that’s not all. The crushed shells are sharp and prevent snails and slugs from approaching the plants.

– It avoids rotting of tomatoes. They are susceptible to fungal diseases which show up as black spots on the leaves and fruits. Thanks to its calcium and mineral content, egg-based fertilizer avoids the risk of deficiencies favoring the appearance of cryptogamic diseases. Of course, does it also work on all the other vegetables in the vegetable garden?

Your turn…

Have you tried this eggshell fertilizer recipe? Tell us in comments if you liked it. We can’t wait to read you!

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Written by Mark Antoine

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