How to Make an Effective Fly Trap With a Plastic Bottle.

Did you know that you can make an effective homemade fly trap with a plastic bottle?

It’s super easy and moreover, it’s economical.

In addition, it avoids the use of dangerous toxic chemicals!

here is the easy tutorial to make a homemade fly trap in 1 min. Look :

What you need

– empty plastic bottle

– water

– bait

– a drop or two of liquid soap or dishwashing liquid

A plastic bottle used to make a homemade fly trap

How to do

1. Cut off the top of the bottle with a knife. Don’t worry if you too don’t cut straight, like me! Your fly trap will still be very effective!

2. Turn the top of the bottle upside down and put it on the bottom of the bottle to form a funnel. You can glue it or tape it, if you want.

Tutorial to make a homemade fly trap

3. Pour some water into the bottom of the container. A few centimeters are enough, just leave a space between the “funnel” and the water.

4. Add a odoran baitt (see recipes below).

5. Add a drop or two of dish soap.


Homemade fly trap with a bottle

There you go, you have done your house trap to eliminate flies 🙂

It’s easy to make a fly trap, isn’t it?

Now you know how to trap flies naturally.

As effective as a real professional fly trap! And much cheaper and natural…

This is the best homemade fly trap.

No more flies hovering around you doing bzzzz…

It’s a fly repellent super efficient for home and outdoors.

No need to spend your time chasing flies!

They will finally leave you alone!

What baits to use in the trap?

Remember that flies love sweet and fragrant things.

So the sweeter and more fragrant it is, the better it is for trapping flies.

You can use whatever you have on hand. But what works best is:

– sugar water, syrup or water with honey
– fruit, especially slightly rotten or overripe fruit. Bananas and strawberries are perfect.
– a piece of raw meat, such as a small piece of minced meat, or leftover steak
– fresh animal manure
– a mix of all the above (yuck)!

And remember: the longer the bait soaks, the better.

So do not hesitate to let it ferment a bit (yuck, again…)

Set up your homemade fly trap in a place where insects are used to harassing you.

And you’ll catch all the flies in no time.

Why does it work?

Flies killed in a homemade fly trap

The flies will be attracted by the sweet smell of the bait and go down the funnel.

Then they fail to climb up the funnel, and in their efforts to escape, they fall into the water…

Then they drown. And that’s all !

Dishwashing liquid clings to the wings of flies and traps them even more effectively.

bonus tips

– If you want to hang your homemade fly trap, you can drill holes in the sides and hang it with a piece of string.

– Soda bottles with a capacity of 2 liters are perfect for this, but any plastic bottle will do. I used an old water bottle. But you can take a juice bottle to have sticky juice residue inside.

– If your trap holds well all alone, no need to use tape. But make sure that the flies can’t come out through a small space.

Your turn…

you tested this household fly traps? Let us know in the comments if it worked for you. We can’t wait to read you!

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Written by Mark Antoine

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