How to Make a Free Pallet Fence (In Just 4 Steps).

Especially the beautiful wooden fences.

With so many choices and options, the total cost of professional fencing can cost you…

You are the owner and you are looking for a DIY fencesturdy and inexpensive for your garden?

Then we have the perfect solution for you: wooden pallets.

Wooden pallets are strong and durable. And above all, we can easily find free !

Today, you are going to discover how to use pallet wood to build your garden fence WITHOUT breaking the bank!

And you will see, making a pallet fence for your garden or vegetable patch is simple!

And all this in just 4 easy steps. Are you ready ? Let’s go :

Advantages & disadvantages of a wooden pallet fence

Advantages of building a wooden fence from pallets:

– Really cheap !

– Easy and quick to build

– Much stronger than expected

– Easy to disassemble and assemble

Disadvantages of building a wooden fence from pallets:

– Not high enough for some animals

– Less charm than a traditional fence

– You have to build it yourself (which is not a disadvantage if you like DIY projects)

– Vulnerable to termites

– Does not prevent the passage of rabbits, mice and other rodents.

So, if we weigh all the pros and cons, what is the conclusion?

A wooden fence of pallets is the perfect solution for those who have a garden…

…but who do not necessarily want to break their PEL to install a fence!

Of course, a pallet wood fence will not look as stylish as a store-bought fence.

Pallet wood fences, on the other hand, are strong, cheap, and easy to put up.

How to make a wooden pallet fence

Follow these 4 steps to build your wooden pallet fence:

1. Find free palettes

Small companies donate wooden pallets.

To make a wooden pallet fence, you will need pallets. It’s obvious.

But where to find pallets for free?

The best places to find them are construction sites, industrial areas and small businesses.

Very often, small businesses give away their pallets for free, because they have to pay for a collection service to get rid of them.

But beware, wooden pallets are very popular!

Didn’t manage to get it in an industrial zone?

So, know that there is a site to help you get your hands on free wood:

On this one, you will find classified ads from professionals who donate wood.

This is very useful for individuals looking for pallets.

But also for professionals!

This saves them having to make many trips to the recycling center to get rid of their wood.

The standard pallet size is 1.20 mx 80 cm.

But be aware that there are pallets of all sizes and shapes.

If you want a fence with a neater look, make sure your pallets are all the same size.

Similarly, take the time to properly measure your garden to know exactly how many pallets you need.

Otherwise, you’re going to have to go on unplanned excursions to find pallets.

Finally, make sure that any pallets you have salvaged are safe to reuse.

In particular, make sure that your pallets born do not carry the “MB” mark.

This means that the wood has been treated with methyl bromide, a very toxic chemical!

2. Assemble the pallets

A DIY fence with wooden pallets.

It will seem surprising to you, but assembling the pallets to make a fence is not very complicated.

In fact, it’s quite child’s play.

First, arrange all your pallets vertically, so that they are well aligned.

Afterwards, use large 8cm bolts or large nails to join the pallets together.

And that’s it, voila!

You can also buy large stakes and drive them into the ground in your garden.

Then just simply slide the paddles onto the pegs.

With the price of the pegs, this method is a bit more expensive, but assembly is even easier.

3. Make the portal with a pallet

A wooden pallet fence, with a real hinged door.

Once your pallet fence is complete, use the last pallet to make a gate and access your garden.

Of course, this door will not be big enough to fit a car through…

Put hinges on the last pallet to use it as a portal.

Do not forget to attach a latch to it, to be able to close your gate.

And it’s as simple as that!

You get a gate for your fence, as in the photo above.

If your garden is like mine, your fence has a small gap that doesn’t allow you to attach a latch.

If so, drive a pole into the ground and use it to attach your latch.

4. Protect your fence from predators

Chicken wire to protect animals from predators.

Will your fence also serve as an enclosure to keep your animals?

So, it is better to protect your animals from predators.

Plus, it’s quick and easy to set up.

Just get yourself chicken wire and staple it to the inside side of your fence.

To staple the fence, I advise you to use a stapler like this one.

If you have animals, a pallet fence is an ideal solution.

This keeps them in a nice enclosure, while preventing their predators from getting in.

Of course, your wooden pallet fence can also be used as a perimeter fence, around your garden.

And you can too paint your fence for a neater look, or leave it as it is for a more rustic look.

Besides, there are many ways to use pallets to make a beautiful fence.

For inspiration, check out these 6 great wooden pallet fence ideas :

6 great wooden pallet fence ideas

6 awesome garden fence ideas made with wooden pallets.

As you just discovered above, building a fence from simple pallets is easy!

But maybe the “classic” version of the wooden pallet fence is not for you.

If so, here are 6 brilliant ideas to make fences even more functional, but also more elegant. Look :

1. A palisade style fence with old pallets

A palisade style fence with old pallets.

Only found old pallets with traces of rust?

Then this idea is your best option.

The older the wood, the more charming your fence will be.

The tutorial here.

2. A fence with herb garden

A DIY fence with wooden pallets and a mini herb garden.

Here’s a great idea for turning simple pallets into a multi-purpose fence.

The little extra? You can create a mini garden on top of the fence!

The top of the pallets is used to insert small tubs of herbs and vegetables that grow easily in pots.

The tutorial here.

3. A fence with a flower bed

A DIY fence with a pretty flower bed.

The idea is similar to the previous one: beautify your fence by adding plants.

This time, it’s not aromatic herbs that you plant on top of your pallets.

Instead, you plant your favorite flowers all around the fence.

The result is magnificent, don’t you think?

The tutorial here.

4. A fence with two rows of pallets

A high fence with a double height of wooden pallets.

Here is a fence with a double height, for more privacy.

5. A solid pallet fence for a pig and goat farm

A wood pallet fence strong enough to hold farm animals.

If you have a farm, then you know that goats and pigs are known for their evasive skills.

It is for this reason that they require a very solid fence.

Indeed, a standard pallet fence cannot contain them.

For those animals, you need this even taller and stronger wooden pallet fence.

The tutorial here.

6. A removable gate on wheels

A wooden pallet fence on wheels to move it easily.

You can also add wheels to your pallets to move it easily.

This way you turn your fence into a real gate.

It is an excellent solution for those who need a fence with a large passage. For example, to drive a car through it.

The tutorial here.

Your turn…

Have you tried to build your garden fence out of pallets with this tutorial? Let us know in the comments if you were successful. We can’t wait to read you!

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Written by Mark Antoine

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