How to Kill Weeds Without Damaging the Lawn?

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Tired of white clover, ground ivy or Persian veronica invading the lawn…

But eliminate them without damaging the lawn is not easy…

Either we use a selective herbicide to kill the weeds without killing the lawn…

But it is very toxic.

Either we use a natural herbicide… But that leaves stains on the lawn.

Fortunately, a gardener told me his secrets for remove weeds without harming a beautiful lawn.

Here is his effective and natural method to eliminate weeds… and prevent them from coming back. Look :

1. Mow the lawn as often as possible

a person runs the mower on the lawn

It is important to mow as frequently as possible, including flowerbeds, to avoid weeds.

For what ?

Because the more you mow, the less weeds (like white clover, ground ivy or Persian speedwell) are present.

But beware ! Remember to adjust the mower in high position so that the cut is not too close.

Mow every week in the spring and every 10 days in the summer.

Let the grass clippings spread over the lawn.

To do this, do not use the mower bag which collects the grass clippings.

This mulch helps to diffuse the sheaths of the grass everywhere and increases its thickness.

2. Scarify the lawn

a device for scarifying the lawn

Scarify a lawn, what is this thing?

It consists of remove grass and moss on the surface of the lawn.

If dead plants are allowed to accumulate on the ground, they eventually form a layer of thatch.

This prevents water from reaching the roots and the lawn may suffocate.

This technique therefore makes it possible to open up the soil and aerate it so that the grass grows better.

Scarify your lawn in the fall and spring using a tool like this or this type of tool if your garden is smaller.

This action has the effect of “decompacting the soil”.

But that’s not all…

Thanks to the action of the knives which lacerate the soil over a few millimetres, moss and unwanted weeds are largely eliminated.

You can scarify your lawn from April to September.

The lawn must be very dry.

Be careful not to repeat the operation too often.

It’s a bit traumatic for your lawn!

Give it time to recover for a few weeks.

But as always, prevention is better than cure.

Avoiding weeds is always better than having to pull them out, right?

3. Aerate your lawn every year

a person with boots aerates his lawn with a special tool

To do this, you can start by aerating your lawn. This trick is a little different from the previous one.

It’s just about doing breathe your lawnwithout wanting to eliminate the dead materials on the surface.

It’s a little less radical, but the goal is the same.

Aerating once a year is one of the best ideas for having a beautiful lawn.

This is an effective trick to prevent unwanted weeds from growing.

For what ? Because they love very compact and dry soil.

Aerate the lawn avoid having too much packed soil.

This allows for better air circulation and the soil retains water better.

Best to do this in the fall. How to do ?

Probably the easiest way is to use grass and lawn aerator pads, or an aerator tool.

4. Fertilize your lawn every season

a person in gloves holds in his hands grains to fertilize the soil

Make your lawn stronger by fertilizing it is a good option for it to resist weeds.

It is a preventive measure, simple and effective.

You can get a good quality fertilizer.

Know that it must be spread twice a year:

Once in spring and once at the end of summer.

You can also make your own homemade fertilizer.

It is natural and more economical.

5. Modify the nature of the soil

a person spreads sand or lime on their lawn

To make the grass grow more easily, you can also change the nature of the soil.

Some plants need specific soil to grow well.

The lawn, for example, does not like soils that are too acidic. The ideal acidity level for a beautiful lawn is between 6 and 7.

If your ground is too acidic, you can correct the shot by making it less acidic.

To do this, you must spread lime (or sand or compost) on the lawn.

In this way, it is made more favorable to the growth of the lawn, and a little less to the weeds.

Knowing the nature of your soil is a good way to grow a beautiful, healthy lawn.

6. Water three times a week

lawn irrigation system

Weeds love dry soil.

They grow there much more easily than grass.

Because they don’t need a lot of water to grow.

To have a beautiful lawn, it is well known… You must water it regularly.

The ideal is to be able to water it for 30 minutes, at least 3 times a week.

It is probably best to consider collecting rainwater.

It is more economical and in times of drought more ecological.

7. Sow every spring and fall

a person sows sheaths to grow the lawn

Re-spreading grass seed is an effective strategy for a beautiful lawn.

Firstly because your lawn grows, lives and dies… And it must therefore be replaced.

Then because the more blades of grass there are…

And the less room there is for weeds to poke their nose.

The most effective is sow after aerating the lawn.

And don’t forget to water generously when you’re done sowing!

8. Pull weeds by hand

a person pulls weeds from the lawn with a weeder

remove weeds by handthat’s for sure, it’s not the least tiring solution.

But elbow grease is probably the best weedkiller!

This is probably the most effective, economical and environmentally friendly method.

And above all, it is the guarantee of keeping a beautiful lawn.

Don’t wait until the bad ones are too big to pull them out.

It’s much easier when it’s young shoots and white clover.

Besides, if you pull the dandelions when the flower heads are white…

This risks spreading seeds everywhere!

Do not hesitate to use a tool to remove the herbs more easily.

You can use a weeder like this to pull weeds without bending down…or like that.

In any case, be sure to remove the roots.

Otherwise the weeds are sure to be back in a few days.

Why remove weeds?

You don’t have to pull weeds all the time.

After all, they are also part biodiversity.

And a few dandelion flowers here and there, it’s not bad!

But be aware that if you allow weeds to proliferate on your lawn, they will become more and more numerous.

And they will end up invading it completely. Because they reproduce faster than grass.

In addition, we must not forget that weeds and grass compete for food.

The nutrients and water that the weeds use cannot benefit the lawn.

It is therefore more difficult to prosper if there are weeds.

Your turn…

Have you tried these tips for weeding without damaging the lawn? Let us know in the comments if it worked for you. We can’t wait to read you!

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