How to Clean the Air Conditioning Filter (And Keep the Air Clean at Home).

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Need to clean your air conditioning air filter?

You are quite right !

It is essential for breathing clean and healthy air at home.

The problem is that we don’t necessarily know how to do this interview…

But reassure! It’s very easy and quick.

I asked the question to Jean-Michel who is a heating refrigeration engineer.

And he explained to me how to clean the air conditioning filter.

Just follow this guide to maintaining your air conditioner and keep fresh air all summer long. Look :

How to clean the air conditioning filter?

1. Turn off the air conditioning.

2. Open the front of the air conditioning by lifting the cover.

3. Remove the filters from the air conditioner by gently pulling them out.

4. Stand outside the house or over a large trash can.

5. Gently tap the filters to remove dust and lint.

6. Gently vacuum the air filters using a narrow nozzle.

7. Sprinkle the filters with baking soda.

8. Leave to act for 1 hour.

9. In a basin, prepare a mixture of water and white vinegar by putting as much water as white vinegar.

10. Rinse the air filters gently under running lukewarm water.

11. Let the filters air dry completely, ideally in the sun.

12. Replace the dry filters.

13. Plug the air conditioner back in.

Result: the filters of the air conditioner are perfectly clean!

There you go, you have cleaned the air conditioner filter 🙂

Now you know how how to service air conditioning at home.

You can now use your air conditioning safely.

You see, no need to get into dismantling an air conditioning unit!

Depending on the air conditioning models (Lg, Hitachi, Gree, Brandt…), the filters can be flat or curved.

But in any case, they come off easily.

No need for special tools or equipment!

Precautions for cleaning the air conditioner air filter

Cleaning your air conditioning filter is really easy, isn’t it?

But be careful, it is necessary to respect some precautions to avoid any accident and not to damage the device.

As a safety measure, switch off your air conditioning before starting to clean the air filters.

That is to say, you must turn off the air conditioner power supply.

Remember to dry each filter well before placing it back in your device.

Any more advice?

When you install your air conditioners in your home, make sure that the filter of each device is easily accessible…

Especially if the unit is ceiling mounted or if it is a wall mounted air conditioner.

It is obviously easier to clean a portable or mobile air conditioner.

What product should I use to clean an air conditioner?

No need to spend too much on cleaning product for the air conditioning filter.

Air conditioner filters can be cleaned very well with economical natural products.

Namely white vinegar and baking soda!

Good to know for clean reversible air conditioning And safe savings.

Not only are they very economical, but they are also particularly effective.

Because bicarbonate is a natural sanitizer which destroys bad odors and dust mites.

Then the white vinegar disinfects and eliminates the microorganisms that lodge in the units of the air conditioners.

This avoids buying an anti-bacterial spray for the air conditioner.

The air filter is thus clean and the air circulating in your home is healthy.

Don’t have baking soda or white vinegar at home?

You can use a little dishwashing liquid to clean the air conditioner filters.

Why should you clean your air conditioning filters?

It is true that the maintenance of your air conditioning is not mandatory….

But it is still essential.

Also, be aware that it is the tenant who should do it.

Because if you don’t, the air quality in your home suffers.

For what ?

Particles, viruses, bacteria, pollens, dust mites, moulds, fungi, dust…

All these pollutants are lodged in the air filter.

As soon as you turn on your air conditioning, presto! All his filth is diffused in the air.

And you can imagine, you then breathe in these micro-organisms!

It’s not great for your health!

What are the risks if you do not clean your air conditioning filters?

In addition, due to dust, the performance of air conditioners may be less important.

Do you know that air conditioners normally brew 8 times the volume of air in a room every hour?

Hence the importance of cleaning the filters regularly!

Otherwise the performance of your air conditioner is reduced.

Its components may become dirty and damaged.

This can cause the deterioration of your air conditioner, limit its lifespan or lead to overconsumption of electricity.

To avoid this, let’s now see together what is the frequency of air filter cleaning of your air conditioner.

When to clean air conditioning filters?

Thanks to regular maintenance of the filtration systemthere is no more dust or virus circulating in the air.

The air is healthy and pure.

What does regular maintenance mean?

According to the professionals, it is necessary to do a major cleaning in the spring or at the beginning of the summer season.

The best is to clean the filtration of your reversible air conditioning every two weeks during summer.

It’s true that air conditioning is really nice in summer.

But for your air conditioner to last a long time and be effective, you have to think about complete maintenance twice a month.

But thanks to these useful tips, maintaining your air conditioning yourself is possible and easy.

No need to ask a professional for simple air conditioning filter maintenance.

It still allows you to save a lot of money!

But note that in some cases, air conditioners require the passage of a professional.

Why ask for the passage of a professional?

If you need to change the activated carbon filter or if your reversible air conditioning system breaks down…

Then call a professional.

He will check the components of the air conditioner and repair your installation if necessary.

And it will control the operation of the outdoor split unit in your home.

But for simple cleaning of air filters, this is really not necessary.

Especially since you know how to clean your air conditioner Toshiba, Samsung, Daikin or Panasonic, with efficiency to have a healthy air in your room.

But it doesn’t matter the brand of your ducted air conditioner!

Qlima, Maxwell, Mitsubishi, Midea, Altech, Airwell, Fujitsu, Atlantic, Kaysun, Beko, Whirlpool… The cleaning operation is easy if you follow each step well.

Now you just have to reach the summer and the heat waves to enjoy the use of your air conditioning in complete safety!

Your turn…

Have you tried these tips for cleaning the air conditioner filter? Comment in the comments to find out if it worked for you. We can’t wait to read you!

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