How to Avoid Lightning During a Thunderstorm? 10 Things to Know That Can Save Your Life.

During a thunderstorm, lightning can be particularly dangerous.

To avoid a tragic accident caused by lightning, there are rules of caution to know and adopt.

It’s true: it’s not always easy to protect against lightning.

There are many precautions to take to avoid lightning.

And there are things to know that can save your life.

The major problem is that lightning can be transmitted through many conductive supports.

Of course, one can be struck directly by lightning. But not only… The simple contact with a struck object can be fatal.

You can also be the victim of a side flash.

This is the case when you are not far from a struck object or when you walk near an impact.

Never underestimate the danger during a thunderstorm. THE risk of lightning does exist, even when the storm seems unimpressive.

The 1st reflex: check the weather forecast

Do you know the first of the rules before considering an outing in nature, from a simple walk to a more sporty hike?

It is to consult the weather forecast.

Make sure that there are no storms forecast and that the meteorological services do not issue warnings.

If you are surprised by a thunderstorm while you are outside, you must look for yourself at all costs. to protect.

A car can do the trick: it will provide you with so-called “Faraday” protection, thanks to its tires.

If you can’t take shelter, here’s 10 essential tips to avoid lightning.

10 essential tips to avoid lightning

1. If you’re outside and there’s no place to shelter during the storm, crouch down with your head between your legs.

2. If you’re swimming, get out of the water, whether it’s a sea, lake, river, pool or hot tub. Stay away from any body of water.

3. If possible, take shelter in a building and close the windows.

4. Avoid running.

5. Do not stand near a group of people.

6. At sea or in the mountains, get rid of metal objects likely to attract lightning.

7. Remove metal jewelry.

8. Do not use a landline or cell phone.

9. Stop any outdoor activity that you are practicing: picnic or snack, game of football, horseback riding, bike ride, walking…

10. Walk away from what is high and vertical : trees, poles, high voltage lines and billboards.

Lightning is a captivating, awe-inspiring and often beautiful natural phenomenon. But as fascinating as she is, she remains a threat.

Each year, 200 to 300 people are struck by lightning.

And 10 to 30 of them die from this impact. Lightning causes almost as many accidental deaths as avalanches.

And it is in summer that the storms are the most numerous.

Unfortunately, it is also during this period that we spend the most time outdoors: the danger is therefore particularly high. Stay safe 🙂

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