How do football clubs make money?

Beyond a simple sport, football represents a whole business. Focus on the clubs’ sources of income.


Partnerships are one of the main sources of income for football clubs. They take the form of a sponsorship contract, in the sense that a brand or a sign will associate its image with that of the football team. It is therefore no surprise that different logos appear on the players’ shirts, on the bleachers, and even on the lawn of the stadiums.

Clothing brands are among the main sponsors of football clubs. Indeed, they are able to provide the equipment that clubs need throughout the season. However, brands from other sectors have accompanied well-known clubs, such as the Fly Emirates logo, which remained on the PSG jersey for more than ten years.

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TV rights

TV rights are also a source of income that can represent up to 75% of the club’s annual revenue. You should know that each league has broadcasting rights for all matches. The channels wishing to broadcast them acquire them at a high price, especially if they want to become exclusive broadcasters.

Match days

Match days bring in real money through ticket sales and catering. Moreover, it was the main income before football became a media phenomenon. As you’d expect, revenue depends on the size of the stadium, the scale of the game and where it’s held. In other words, the places of the biggest championships cost more than those of the friendly matches. For example, a ticket to watch Ligue 1 costs an average of €20. This price can drop to €15 for a match held in Lyon or Marseille, compared to €28 in Paris. To increase their income, clubs do not hesitate to offer VIP packages which allow them to take advantage of additional services (comfortable seats, drinks, etc.).

In addition to the ticket office, the major championships bring in a substantial sum, knowing that the participating clubs receive remuneration from UEFA. Another larger sum is added to the jackpot in case of victory.

player transfers

In the world of football, a professional footballer can change clubs through a transfer. The latter usually takes the form of a buyout of a player’s contract.

While transfers are viewed primarily as expenses, they can be lucrative investments. You should know that recruiting a football star pays more than it costs, especially in sponsorship, merchandising, derivative products, etc.


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