How Brits are saving money this Christmas from ‘present prenups’ to ditching turkey

BRITS are coming up with creative ways to cut down on costs this Christmas.

By ditching the traditional turkey dinner or imposing spending limits with “present prenups”, households across the UK are trying new ways to save money.

Brits finding new ways to cut back on spending over the festive season


Brits finding new ways to cut back on spending over the festive season
Christmas cooks are being urged to turn to alternatives like beef or pork instead of turkey


Christmas cooks are being urged to turn to alternatives like beef or pork instead of turkey

As entire flocks of turkeys are being wiped out by avian flu, butchers are urging Christmas day cooks to pick a less in-demand meat option.

Merchants are advising customers to go for more reasonably-priced joint of pork or beef this year.

Entertainer Eddie Young is one of many around the country coming up with new ways to save money over the festive period, MailOnline reported.

He and his wife have made a “Christmas pre-nup”, agreeing to spend no more than £50.

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Eddie, the founder of Eddie Young Magic in Burton-on-Trent, said his son’s aware of the tough times too.

He said: “We just can’t afford it with our energy bills skyrocketing and the cost of making everyday meals going through the roof.

“My 15-year-old son knows we’re under real pressure at the moment and has told us to not spend much on him, which brings a tear to your eye.”

Instead of splashing out on expensive gifts for other members of his family, they will be giving them gift cards which they can use essentials if they need them.

Malcolm Baker, from Cambridgeshire, is saving money by charging his electric wheelchair less so he can put it towards Christmas.  

He said: “The cost of essentials such as milk and cheese has now got so high that I’ve had to stop using my electric wheelchair as much as I normally would, as that costs money to charge.

“This in turn affects my wellbeing and that of my family as we can’t go out together. It feels like you need to be a billionaire just to buy the basic these days. It’s absolutely brutal.”

Mum Vicky, is also a blogger at money saving advice website More Than A Mummy, starts her Christmas planning in September and has it finished by December. 

This way she can get all of her wrapping done ahead of Christmas week and then concentrate on the food shopping. 

In order to save £1,000 in time for Christmas, the savvy mum said you need to be clear about how much you need to put away every week/month. 

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It comes as a struggling mum told how her son will have to go without Christmas presents this year because of the cost-of-living crisis.

Christine Borton says young Dayjanta, ten, “already knew” they wouldn’t be able to afford gifts this festive season because of the family’s “desperate” financial situation.


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