Honda CB350RS Suspension and Brakes

Honda CB350RS Suspension and Brakes

The Honda CB350RS has special suspension called a telescopic fork in the front and twin shock absorbers in the back. It has a big 19-inch wheel in the front and a slightly smaller 17-inch wheel in the back. These wheels are made of a lightweight material called alloy. The tires are special too, they’re called tubeless block pattern tires. The front tire is 100-section and the back one is 150-section.


For stopping, the CB350RS has good brakes. It has a big 310mm disc brake in the front and a smaller 240mm disc brake in the back. And it comes with something called dual-channel ABS which helps you stay safe when you brake.


It can hold up to 15 liters of fuel in its tank. The CB350RS is not too tall off the ground, it’s about 168mm from the bottom to the road. And if you want to sit on it, the seat is 800mm high. Lastly, when it’s all set up and ready to ride, it weighs 179 kilograms.

Honda CB350RS Features

The Honda CB350RS comes with fancy LED lights. Its digital display can connect to your phone via Bluetooth and even respond to your voice (except for the basic DLX version). On the screen, you can see things like how far you can go on your fuel, how much mileage you’re getting, and what gear you’re in. Plus, it has cool safety features like traction control and a hazard light that flashes when you brake suddenly.

Honda CB350RS Engine Specifications

The Honda CB350RS has the same type of engine as other Honda CB bikes in the 350cc range. It’s a single-cylinder engine that’s cooled by air and it’s balanced to run smoothly. This engine is 348.36cc in size. It works together with a 5-speed gearbox, which means it can change gears five times. This engine can make 21 horsepower when it’s running at 5,500 rotations per minute (rpm), and it can produce 30 Newton-meters of torque when it’s at 3,000 rpm.


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