Hero Xoom 110: Performance and Features

Hero Xoom 110 Suspension and Brakes

The Hero Xoom 110 has special parts that help it work smoothly. It has a special front part called a telescopic fork and a back part called a monoshock.


To help it stop safely, it has brakes. The front brakes are either a 190mm disc (ZX) or a 130mm drum (LX and VX). The back brakes are always a 130mm drum.


Different versions of the Xoom 110 have different types of tires. The LX version has 90/90-12 tires in both the front and back. The VX and ZX versions have 90/90-12 tires in the front and 100/80-12 tires in the back.


The scooter is designed to be easy to ride on different roads. It has a space between the ground and the bottom of the scooter called ground clearance, which is 155mm. The seat is at a height of 770mm from the ground. The fuel tank can hold 5.2 liters of fuel.


The weight of the ZX version is 109kg, while the LX and VX versions weigh 108kg.

Hero Xoom 110 Features

The Hero Xoom 110 has a fancy digital display that shows you how fast you’re going, how far you’ve traveled, and even how fuel-efficient you’re being. If you go for the fanciest version, it can even connect to your phone via Bluetooth, letting you know when someone’s calling or texting, and even how much battery your phone has left.


One really cool thing about this scooter is its cornering lamps, which are the first of their kind in its class. They light up the direction you’re turning, making it safer when you’re leaning into a corner. Plus, it’s got some other neat features like a really bright LED headlight, a USB port for charging your gadgets, and even a light inside the storage area under the seat. Overall, it’s packed with handy features to make your ride easier and safer.

Hero Xoom 110 Engine Specifications

The Hero Xoom 110 has a small but powerful engine that runs on fuel injection and air cooling. It’s a 110.9cc engine. When you ride it, you can feel 8.15PS of power at 7250 revolutions per minute (rpm) and 8.70Nm of torque at 5750 rpm. This scooter also has i3S technology, which helps it save fuel and go further on each tank.


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